Snoop Dogg x Adidas: Lessons in how to create a successful holiday season campaign
By WGSN Insider

Creating a Holiday themed campaign that stands out within the active industry can be tough, but this iconic one from Adidas got it right. WGSN reports

Dec 25, 2015

5 min

Each holiday season ushers in a bevy of seasonally themed goodies in the Active world. From celeb filled videos to an angry monster, it spans all boundaries of our industry.

However, one of the most iconic Christmas collaborations was in 2012 when Snoop Dogg as the face of Adidas created an interactive storytelling experience themed around the classic Christmas tale: A Christmas Carol.


Through a Facebook video series, Adidas called upon brand ambassador Snoop Dogg for a section of celebrity-studded storytelling, then offered consumers a test to see if “the Ebenezer is you” and then the chance to un-scrooge yourself one click at a time. It was a brilliant marketing initiative, because it worked solely on the promise of play, and that’s what consumers want from their brand, you only need to look at the popularity of Snapchat to see that.

Also with Adidas this week announcing plans to give Snoop Dogg his own American football themed talk show called ‘Turf’d Up’, consumers can expect more on camera magic from Snoop x Adidas soon.



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