Snapchat: The five brands that got it right in 2015
By WGSN Insider

With the explosion of Snapchat, fashion brands have been using the instant photo-messaging app to expand their digital reach. But who did it best?

Dec 17, 2015

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Facebook and Twitter have been around for a while, but the little sister app making a huge noise in the digital media and fashion space is Snapchat. While big brands have figured out their Facebook strategy, Snapchat presents new challenges and brands are still confused about how to use Snapchat to their advantage.

However, some brands have got it right, using the app in a fun way that actively engages with its audience. The ‘Discover’ section of Snapchat, currently has 18 brands, including MTV, Mashable and Cosmopolitan feeding audiences news stories, videos and memes, but there are also several high-fashion names who are using the emergence of the channel brilliantly.

Here WGSN contributor Holly Ambrose picks the best:

1. Burberry

The most ground-breaking campaign was by Burberry. In October, their Snapchat campaign allowed followers to see a live photo shoot in action with Mario Testino and Christopher Bailey. As with any Snapchat story after 24 hours, the shoot disappeared. This produced a sense of urgency for fashion fanatics to be vigilant to every update; before it vanished. Prior to this, Burberry streamed a preview of every look of their S/S16 campaign live on Snapchat before they hit the catwalk. Another fashion first.


2. Michael Kors

Snapchat played a key role in making New York Fashion Week accessible to a mass audience. Michael Kors was one of biggest names to do so; consistently updating followers with backstage goss and catwalk previews. Even the ultimate ‘It Squad’ members Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss popped up on the brands feed; extending the appeal to their younger fans.


3.Calvin Klein

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their fragrance CK One, Calvin Klein used Snapchat to expand to a fresh generation by getting their campaign models to post selfies via the smartphone app. Combining print with digital, the stills taken throughout the shoot were later published in worldwide magazine ads.


4. Balmain and H&M

Prior to the launch of the massive Balmain x H&M, Balmain gave Snapchat followers backstage access. The collaboration of high street retailer H&M together with fashion house giant Balmain was a social media success; thanks to their high-profile representatives overloading Snapchat with catwalk previews and behind-the-scenes selfies.


5. Victoria’s Secret

The annual Victoria’s Secret runway show is always a highlight on the digital calendar, with millions streaming the event worldwide. Following in the footsteps of Burberry, eagerly awaited fans were instantly updated with the action on and off the catwalk therefore having access to the VS angels at their fingertips for 24 hours.


In 2016, brands will continue to be in competition to create Snapchat firsts and build a buzz, it is an exciting era for experimentation, consistent change and a chance for consumers to have fun with the way they connect with their favourite fashion brands.

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Snapchat: The five brands that got it right in 2015

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