#Signgeeks: The exhibition of Insta-worthy vintage neon signs
By Lourdes Linares

LA’s MONA gallery is displaying the coolest #signgeeks-certified vintage neon signs, here’s our pick of the best.

May 12, 2016

12 photos

What happens when a group of people with a common love for vintage neon sign photography meet on Instagram?

They get together and #signgeeks is born.

To some it might look like old scraps with pretty lights, while others find a majestic beauty in these disappearing lit-up treasures seen on the road.

It is amazing what the Internet and social media has been able to do in the last few years in terms of bringing like-minded people and groups alike, opening a window for wider discussions on just about any topic. In this case a group of people from all over the world with common love for vintage neon signs found each other on social media.


The Museum of Neon Art (MONA) in Glendale, California is currently exhibiting light-up neon animated signs which were donated to the museum, as well as featuring photography from over 60 #signgeeks throughout the museum, all who met through Instagram.

Check out our favourite signs from the exhibit below:


Pie-a-la-mode- 1950s


Fun Land 1930s


La Palomita Restaurant 1950s


Papoo’s Hot Dog Show 1949


Majestic Pontiac Crown 1960s


Chris’ & Pitt’s BAR-B-Q 1950s


Zodiac Room 1950s


Iwata Camera 1940s


Van De Kamp’s 1960s



Are you a vintage neon sign lover too?

Check out some of our favourite #signgeeks instagram pages and connect with them for more:







#signgeeks is on display through June 19th at the MONA located at 216 S. Brand Boulevard, Glendale California.

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