Shoptalk Vegas: Predicting the future of retail?
By Petah Marian

A new retail conference in Vegas aims to look at innovation & disruption in retail & e-commerce. There’s never been a better time to talk about this, says WGSN’s Petah Marian

May 16, 2016


Traditional retailers are discovering that the systems around the fashion industry are broken – from the catwalk to supply chain through to retail, the industry is in a state of flux.

This is being driven by two things, the changing consumer, combined with the maturation of mobile and technology.

All of this is driving huge amounts of disruption in the industry, and navigating it all is a challenge.

But, for every BHS or Aéropostale, there’s a Thread or House of Fraser, who are succeeding as they innovate across channels.

For those trying to figure out ways to win in this space, Shoptalk will be taking place this week, where retailers and tech start-ups will be talking about topics including in-store mobile engagement, virtual and augmented reality, the future of artificial intelligence in retail, innovations in offline data capture and retail formats of the future.

Only in its first year, the conference is generating loads of buzz, with tickets selling out, even after organisers added an additional 1,000 slots.

Speakers include singer Lionel Ritchie; Jerry Storch, Chief Executive Officer of Hudson’s Bay Company; Katia Beauchamp, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Birchbox; and Uri Minkoff, Chief Executive Officer of Rebecca Minkoff.

The WGSN team is excited to be heading out to the event, with daily reports and videos being produced on site (subscribers can check them out here)

I’ll also be presenting on Wednesday (May 18th), where I’ll be talking about how shoppers are changing and how start-ups and traditional retailers are creating new destinations to service this customer.

You can follow me on Twitter here for live updates – @Petah

Check out: Petah’s article on tech, the future of retail and why fashion retailers shouldn’t be afraid to embrace failure here.

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