Shooting street style with one of Seoul’s best photographers
By Sarah Owen

WGSN hangs out with South Korea’s best street style photographer, Sungwon Paik, to get the perfect shot. WGSN Youth editor Sarah Owen reports

Jan 22, 2016

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There was a time when everyone was a blogger, and it seems in the ever-growing world of social media (especially Instagram) that now everyone is a photographer. This week I met up with one of South Korea’s best street style photographers, Sungwon Paik, who took me to Garosu-gil Road in Seoul’s Sinsadong neighbourhood. The bustling road is packed with a trendy crowd where the majority seem to be so on point with the latest styles (part of the reason he comes here) as well as a bunch of other photographers hunting down their next street style victim.

How long have you been shooting street style?
Almost eight years

Where is your favourite place to photograph street style?
Well, Garosu-gil in Seoul

What sort of style catches your eye?
I like classic womenswear style, and sometimes hip-hop style. It depends on how they match it

Who are some of your favourite Korean models?
Hoyeon Jung

What makes a great image?
I think timing is the most important aspect. Being in the right place at the right time

What sort of camera do you use?
Nike D4s / Nikeon 70-200

Who do you follow on Instagram?
A mix of models and different agencies like @koreanmodel and @im_honeyb


wgsn-streetstyle-korea4 wgsn-streetstyle-korea3 wgsn-streetstyle-korea2 wgsn-streetstyle-korea1

Sarah Owen is Youth Editor at WGSN. Follow more of her adventures at @sarahsarahowen.

Subscribers can get more of her WGSN trend insight with her full Seoul Report live on WGSN next week.

Shooting street style with one of Seoul's best photographers

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