Shiseido creates a skincare line especially for ‘Millennials’
By Theresa Yee

Luxury Japanese skincare brands Shiseido launches a line of products especially for 20 and 30-somethings. Beauty Editor Glynnis Mapp tries out the line which hits shelves in September 2013.

Aug 02, 2013


Early mornings, late nights, a hardly-any-water-and-way-too-much-coffee diet and sometimes the occasional smoke (and for some, regular smoking).

This is the diagnosis of the everyday millennial: women and men between the ages of 25-34. Now think of the effects of these bad habits on the skin, especially the face. Premature ageing (wrinkles, sagging skin) increased sebum production and enlarged pores which lead to acne breakouts.

It practically spells out disaster.

Enter a skin savior: Shiseido Ibuki, a new line of skincare especially targeted to this high-flying and free-wheeling demographic as the jumping off point to what the brand hopes will be luxurious beauty regimens for years to come.

The skin saving secret behind Ibuki (Japanese for “inner strength”) is its PhytoResist Complex, ingredients that help the skin miraculously bounce back into its younger years. Trehalose and white nettle prevents self-rejuvenating skin cells from shrinking and replenishes surface cells with moisture), trimethylglycine helps the skin resist against environmental pollution by improving its natural protective barrier and yuzu seed extract promotes new skin cell production.

The results for this Millennial? Smoother, tighter skin and barely-there pores. Just after a week of use, my often-oily skin is instead supple and soft, a perfect canvas for lush BB creams and barely a need for translucent mattifying powder that I’ve become so reliant on over the years.

My favorites are the Gentle Cleanser and Purifying Cleanser ($30 each) which both clean the skin wonderfully—if not efficiently, you barely need a dime-size drop of product on your face—and leaves a luxurious after-effect: A feeling as clean as using a bar of pure soap without even a hint of dryness. This effect is heightened with the use of an electric face brush (I use the Clarisonic Aria).

Even better, there’s a Shiseido Ibuki Starter Kit designed to last for two weeks. At just $25 you get the Gentle Cleanser (30ml), Softening Concentrate (30ml) and the Refining Moisturizer (30ml).

If this is a window into how great my skin can be in my 30s, the future is looking, well, pretty optimistic!

The Shiseido Ibuki skincare collection will be available in September at Shiseido counters and

—Glynnis Mapp, Stylesight Beauty Editor

  • I have already had a work at it. It is really genuine as you say. Its a 100% positive product.

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