Shenkar College future designers: Meet Carine Elad

carine-elad Shenkar College

In the third part of our series spotlighting future talent from Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, we meet Carine Elad – a design student who finds social media indispensable and looks for inspiration in recent history…


Name: Carine Elad

Age: 26

Inspiration for your student collection: In the show I was fortunate to show two garments, each with a very different inspiration. The first garment was inspired by a classic Israeli song called “Calaniot” (or, the anemone flowers, in English). Before independence, British soldiers were called “anemone” by the locals, comparing them to the red flower as they were said to have black hearts and red berets. This garment was my interpretation to army uniforms, but in contemporary style to represent the pivot between past and present, war and peace, discipline and self-expression.

What do you love about Shenkar? The culture, faculty and fellow students support true creativity and create a safe environment for young creative, inspiring designers to express themselves.

Which companies would you like to work for? I’d like to find a fashion house I can emotionally connect with. If I get inspired at work, I’ll find it easiest to contribute from my perspective and creativity. Some of the companies I’m impressed by include Stella McCartney, Sacai, Acne Studio and Celine.

Where do you find your inspiration? Every day is an opportunity to find inspiration for design. It’s easy to just let life go by, without taking notice. To avoid that, whenever I see something that catches my eyes, I take a picture, so that I can go back and look at them whenever I need more inspiration. In addition, I am inspired by South American culture. My mother was born in Argentina and the food, Latin culture, and Spanish language have been further inspiration for me as a designer.

How important is social media when designing your collection? It’s crucial for any designer these days, both to receive inspiration and give inspiration to others.  For me, social media is key in order to keep up-to-date with the latest designs. I think that social media also allows us get to know young and innovative designers, outside the mainstream.

Where do you like to shop? I really like to explore small boutiques of independent designers. I also travel a lot, so whenever I am in a new city, I’ll spend time looking around the local designer shops.  I’ll typically browse through a lot of pieces and at the end buy the one piece I really like. For more casual fashion, I typically shop at brands like Cos and Zara.

What is fashion like in Tel Aviv? Tel Aviv brings a lot of people from very different backgrounds and cultures and I think that this is very well reflected in fashion. I would say that fashion in Tel Aviv is very eclectic, and anyone can find something that he or she would connect to.

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