Scotch & Soda’s new livable video campaign in the heart of Amsterdam
By WGSN Insider

Teaming up with a travel company and encouraging consumers to raid a real-life wardrobe. WGSN contributor Emily Johnson reports on this Dutch brand’s new strategy

Nov 10, 2015

Scotch and Soda the story of things marketing campaign
16 sec

Forget your standard static ad campaign for the moment. The Dutch fashion brand Scotch & Soda has changed things up with the release of its immersive character driven campaign film.

The film, called “The Story of Things – Part 2, East” follows siblings Lola and Oscar as they correspond between the Far East and Amsterdam. The viewer is given an intimate look into Lola’s Amsterdam apartment, filled with Oscar’s travel trinkets. The twist? The cinematic film ends by inviting viewers to rent the studio apartment where the campaign was filmed through Airbnb – and comes with Lola’s Scotch & Soda wardrobe customised for each guest.

Scotch and Soda The story of things lola apartment

It’s not just any old apartment either, it’s located in the heart of Amsterdam, perfect for attracting potential customers looking for adventure and wanderlust. After watching, the viewer is invited to visit the digital campaign landing page, complete with social handles.

This campaign homepage brings a shoppable element to the film; detailing the characters’ style and allowing the viewer to shop specific pieces. Viewers can also click to be redirected to Airbnb where there are booking details for ‘Lola’s Place’. This is the most personable element of the campaign, as Lola’s Airbnb description reads like many other Airbnb listings, only becoming apparent it’s a Scotch and Soda endorsement when the campaign link is casually mentioned.

This marketing strategy is particularly exciting as it draws the consumer into a digital world and then transcends the boundaries of the screen, by offering a tangible opportunity to live in the world of the characters – if only for a day.

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