Scenes From A Maul

Hey – there was this really cool pair of shoes that I started to buy when I was at Topshop in London recently but I changed my mind at the last minute. Then the next day I was heading to the airport and was like “doh!” I should have bought those shoes. Well, it was too late. I don’t really like to buy clothes or shoes online. I need to try them on and see what they look like. It’s something to look forward to the next time I make that transatlantic journey though. Yes sir, I’ll jump on the ‘ol double decker bus and head down to Oxford Street, take the escalator straight up to the…wait, what do you mean Topshop is now open in New York??!

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  • hmm wonder if it’s just a more expensive Forever 21. I went to the store at Oxford Street as well before and it was pandemonium inside there! Just a regular boring ol’ day, too!

    Did you happen to see the Where’s Waldo guy?: http://twitpic.com/2putd

  • I didn’t see Waldo – no. Too bad! haha

  • great pics, love the situation and the moods of each one. Can’t wait to see Topshop stores in Paris 🙁 hope it will be fun and find great/attractive clothes.

  • oh always so many great photo’s !!

  • Astri Elisa

    I wish I was there.. I want my own TOPSHOP!!hehehe

  • I really like the collection of clothes here. Can i try to design them on the fashionfantasygame ?

  • alex

    The style in these pictures is killing me! Love it. We posted some style sightings-ish pictures on Flavorwire, but with an iPhone haha. 😉 http://flavorwire.com/16463/coming-to-america-we-surive-the-topshop-opening

  • melissa

    What’d you think of the store Eddie? I ran there after class, saw the line (which wrapped around not one, but TWO blocks) and decided I would rather wait it out the next day. If I had only known there would be torrential rain today, I would have just gone yesterday!!

  • I work for Topshop in Scotland and I just can’t believe the hype in NYC. Actually global! It’s unbelievable. I want a transfer!!

  • These pics are so awesome. You’ve given me inspiration. Good job man…oh an I’m the guy with the gray sweater + raybans (one of thousands of rayban sporters there lol)

  • Ah! I love browsing Topshop (we have one in Gothenburg too), but I never have the money to buy anything, unfortunately.

  • I love the pictures…they are so beautiful 🙂

  • Hey Melissa – I thought the store looked great! All the racks were full – including the Kate Moss section. I noticed several pieces throughout the store in fact that are sold out online. The Topman section downstairs is a little small. The NYC store is 25,000 sq. feet compared with 90,000 sq. feet in their Oxford Street flagship. Still though, I’ve been to Topshop in Stockholm and Tokyo and this one is bigger and nicer than either of those. You can tell that NYC is an important city for Topshop – they pulled out all the stops for this store.

  • iheartfashionphotography

    love the photos, am so jealous i coulnt be there. just looked on bapla.com, and saw an article about a youth culture piccy exhibition called Unordinary People at the albert hall in April / May. If your in London, it could be worth a visit if your into looking at images of examples of fashion and style from years before now. Most of them are before my time, but the influence past fashion has had on modern style suddenly becomes s o apparent.

  • anis

    too bad topshop opened their flagship store in new york that late.

    well,we’re just lucky ones who had their topshop phenomenon earlier!


  • ttt

    That girl in the red pumps and dark hair, gorgeous!
    Love the shot of the girls waiting in line w their hands in their leather jacket pockets.

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  • Hey – iheart – thanks for the tip about the Unordinary People exhibit in London! Sounds great…xx

  • christ! i would feel like it was some sort of style contest rather than a shopping experience. have you heard of the pop up store on 41st at the port authority? http://www.savefashion.com/