Runway: Louis Vuitton in Intimate Detail
By Anna Glassman

Marc Jacobs bookends Fashion Month with another homage to the boudoir in his new collection for Louis Vuitton.

Mar 06, 2013


Paris: The runways are a unique place where pants and shirts are optional and lingerie roams free, fluttering in the perfumed wake of a model’s strut. Cold outside? Just throw on a fur chubby or a mannish overcoat. That’s the solution Marc Jacobs offered in his latest for Louis Vuitton on this last day of Paris Fashion Week. An appropriate bookend to Fashion Month, Jacobs picked up where his own collection in New York left off, raiding the panty drawer for bouquet-studded pajamas, lacy day bras and ankle-grazing slips (the must-have of the season, you heard it here first). Close-ups of the collection reveal the exquisite detail beneath the carefree attitude: an intricate patchwork of lace and satin, the delicate eyelash fringe of a trim, the sensual embrace of a bodice. Feast your eyes on more in our Runway Daily Chronicles.

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