Runabout Goods – A New Perspective in Proper Adventure Goods
By Samuel Trotman

Legendary Michael Hodis is back with his brand new project, Runabout Goods.

Jul 09, 2015


Legendary Michael Hodis is back with his brand new project, Runabout Goods.

Any fans of Mike Hodis (foremerly Rising Sun) will be interested to hear about the recent news of his next project, Runabout. While not much has surfaced about the brand or its details, there have been bits of information and images leaking through the internet about the brand over the last few months including a new website and instagram account that recently popped up. Earlier last month at Clutch Collection show over in Japan, Mike officially launched the brand and began writing the first orders for what looks to be a debut S/S 16 drop.

If you head over to the brands website you will be able to get an idea of what to expect from the line of what are described as “proper adventure goods” with a lookbook shot in California’s Sequoia National Forest. Mike together with close friend Cory Piehowicz and photographer Will Keeler headed out on a fishing trip along the Kern River, complete with Land Rover Defender, vintage bamboo fly rods and camping gear to shoot the debut collection. The line follows in the same vein as Rising Sun, and is still based out of Eagle Rock CA, but with a focus on outdoorswear and the adventurer rather than the former turn-of-the-century workwear. Expect everything from trailblazer style hunting jackets to ragtop rugby shirts, cargo pants and chinos all in a neutral and natural palette that nod to the ultimate American outdoor pursuits. Stay up to date on the Runabout Instagram page here.


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