Required Reading: The Great Discontent
By Sarah Owen

The Great Discontent is a new triannual magazine that features inspiring conversations with today’s artists, makers & risk-takers. WGSN Youth Editor Sarah Owen reports

Jan 12, 2016

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Stumbling across new magazines that keep you glued to every page start to finish is pretty rare these days, but a local discovery at The Spoonbill & Sugartown bookstore


led me to The Great Discontent
The triannual print publication (because everything comes in threes right?), is a tightly curated bundle of inspiring conversations among a myriad of creatives. For issue three, these included musician Iron & Wine, Alison Sudol, Clayton Cubitt, and Tei Shi. So you don’t have to flick through the entire magazine (although it’s strongly recommended!), here are our favourite quotes from ‘The Possibility Issue’:

wgsn_Clayton Cubitt, Photographer


wgsn_Musician, Tei Shi

Musician, Tei Shi.

wgsn_Actress, Alison Sudol

Actress, Alison Sudol

wgsn_Angie Myung of Poketo in LA

Angie Myung of Poketo in LA

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