Hey – so I was just reading this article about how the current economic downturn in the U.S. is expected to cause loads of young people to start shopping at thrift stores. I’m not so sure about this article’s logic. For one thing, some thrift chains like Goodwill have recently “gotten wise” to the allure of vintage and now charge much higher prices than previous – so the savings can sometimes be minimal. For another thing, all the cool kids I know already sweat vintage – and have been doing so for ages. For example – check out the dress Valissa wore when we went out to Morrissey night at Sway last night. A friend bought it recently at a thrift store in Texas and gave it to her. She shortened it and cut off “big, poofy sleeves”, paired it with Klein blue tights and shoes that would-be-jazz-oxfords-but-they-have-heels, and voila – cuteness! – x eddie





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  • I enjoy shopping at thrift stores even that it can be time consuming and at times unfruitful, the overall joy and fit a one-of-a-kind gem for a killer price is unbeatable. But as you said, some thrift stores are “getting wise” and hiking up their prices a little which I too have come to notice. They still are relatively cheap but the downfall to that is those who really need to shop at thrift stores are negatively affected by this. Infact, I was at a goodwill on 23rd street when an older lady came up to and commented about the prices there being like Macy’s! A sad but somewhat true conclusion.

  • It’s really sad for the people who can’t afford to shop elsewhere – especially the elderly. I also think that if you are industrious enough and creative enough to find the diamonds in the pile of coal at the thrift store then you should be rewarded with a low price. It may be a bargain, but you earned that bargain.

  • Fantastic find. Love everything about it. Those tights are amazing.

  • That dress is dope and so is she for thinking so out-of-the-box with it! Check out my blog at http://omowrites.blogspot.com

    p.s. I’m waiting for you to go back to Upstairs 🙂

  • Haru

    It’s not my favorite out fit. It feels all over the place.

  • I think it’s a cohesive outfit – it all works really well together to my eye. I do think that it is not for everyone though and I can understand you not caring for it. Valissa is an edgy dresser, a stylist for bands, a bit of a club kid. I like to feature girls like her though because I feel like they are the ones doing things that you will not see in stores yet – trendsetters and early adopters.

  • Jo

    loving this! too bad that her hair colour doesn’t really match her outfit 😉

  • amanda

    are you kidding me? valissa is one of the most stylish girls i know! things don’t have to “match” in the sense that they are the same color or category- it’s all about how you adapt it to your personal style. she just reconstructed a XXL men’s shirt into an amazing romper for me, and i love it! ps. check out our new blog is-mental.blogspot.com for more fashion flavor