Redefining Armchair Travel: Jungles in Paris
By Gemma Riberti

Jungles in Paris is a new photo-heavy travel site that endeavors to cater for the more intrepid and curious traveler.

Jan 14, 2014


Jungles in Paris is a new photo-heavy travel site that endeavors to cater for the more intrepid and curious traveler.

Created by brothers Darrell and Oliver Hartman, the site features alluring photography and films next to rich reportage and stories on undiscovered destinations or lesser-traveled corners of then earth, such as tribes in Omo Valley, Ethiopia, the arid Aral Sea desert in Uzbekistan (watch then video above to see more) and even a lake filled with millions of golden jellyfish in the Micronesian islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

Darrell is a former freelance writer for New York Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, thus enabling him to enlist an expert team of photographers and filmmakers to contribute to the site – the result is a visually arresting online magazine that really complements the surreal destinations and content on offer.

“Jungles in Paris aims to redefine armchair travel. We produce and present short, focused stories on culture, craft, geography, and wildlife around the world,” explain the brothers. Visit Jungles in Paris to see more.

Discover more designers and artists inspired by Earth’s untamed landscapes and raw beauty in our report, Connected Earth. – Samantha Fox

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