Rawr Denim Guest Post

Today, we invite denim specialists Rawr Denim to take the reigns of the DDD and showcase some of their favourite wears from their weekly feature, Fade Friday.

Over the last year and a half, Rawr Denim has been showing off the jeans of their contributors, friends and compatriots in the denim world in a feature called Fade Friday. Part of the attraction of raw denim is the wearing in process, wearing your denim day-in day-out over months or years before finally washing the pair and being able to proudly show off the fades, creases, rips, patches and discolorations that occurred during the fading in process.

Fade Friday is Rawr Denim‘s homage to these fades, to the efforts that their readers, contributors or friends made in wearing in their jeans, and to the craftsmanship of the denim itself; which allows it to wear in so well.

The following five examples of Fade Fridays past are each prime examples of what happens when great jeans are put in the hands of passionate denim fanatics and are worn hard before being finally shown off.


1. LEVI’S 501XX 

First up is an unbelievable pair of Levi’s 501xx jeans, which have lasted over 19 years, an unknown number of washes and clearly some slight exposure to paint. The oldest, most washed, and probably most loved pair ever to grace Fade Friday, these Levi’s have gone through a number of owners. They moved from a Hong Kong vintage shop owner to Arie van den Berg, a lover of raw denim, who then passed them on to a painter friend, Tymon Fernec de Laat who wore them for three weeks while painting before passing them back to van den Berg. Having lived such a fulfilled life, these jeans have undergone an enormous number of repairs and stitchings, but have come through to be one of the most unique pairs of jeans we’ve seen.


2. ETERNAL 811

This second pair of jeans are similarly well travelled, having apparently been worn in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, St Johns, Calgary, our home town of Edmonton, Winnipeg, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Santiago, Santa Maria, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Dublin, Athens, London and beyond. Aside from being a great denim, the Eternal 811 was part of a long standing contest (which is still ongoing) via manufacturers Eternal to determine the best fade on the contest specific 811 model. A high quality denim, this shows off a number of the desired denim fades, particularly the honeycombing behind the knees and around the crotch, as well as a well worn wallet fade and a generally personalized pair of jeans.



Maybe one of the less obviously well faded pairs featured here, this pair of Spikes X001 was worn by Steven Dang, owner and operator of Railcar Fine Goods, an emerging denim brand based in Los Angeles. The fades in this pair, which unsurprisingly Steven crafted for himself, are subtle but are clearly very good looking as one glance at the pair shows a well worn jean with its own personality.

Steven wore this pair of jeans for 14 months, a period in which they were washed 7 times, during his daily work at both his shop and in the railyard he spent time working in. The number of repairs around the crotch are attributed to the hard working nature of the wear these jeans have been put under. The lack of glitzy fades can also be attributed to the nature of the wear, as a jean that’s worn hard in daily life can get quite sweaty and beaten around, and will need more washes, which when done prematurely can take away from a pair’s ability to form the more showboat fades.



This pair of Naked and Famous blue in green weird guy jeans have been worn by one of the friends and contributors of Rawr Denim, Josh. He’s had this pair on the site a number of times, and each time he has received a ton of compliments on the way this pair of jeans have faded and undergone a few a number of repairs. The crotch in particular has taken a great deal of work, and has needed it as Josh consistently ignores holes until they’re well established in building the character of the jeans. The knees, honeycombs and pockets have all worn in amazingly well in this pair, and Josh is well within his rights to continue to show them off proudly.



Finally, another pair worn in by the owner of the brand, these Rogue Territory Stanton jeans were worn in by founder Karl Thoennessen. These were worn over 24 months, washed five times during that time period, and worn hard in the interim. One of the obvious highlights of this pair is the nearly shredded honeycombing fades behind the knee.

As with each of the other four pairs, you can see that the crotch has worn through both front and back, which while at times frustrating does certainly add to the character. Another point worth noting, on not only these, but each of the other four, all washes were done in cold water and with minimal detergent to clean the denim without taking out more indigo than needed.


A note from the editors: we’d like to pass on our thanks again to the team at Rawr denim for sharing these inspirational stories and incredible fades. If you would like to read more about Rawr, the Fade Friday’s and even more raw news then head over to their main page where you can explore more.


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