Pure play retailers vastly outpacing multichannel rivals says report
By WGSN Insider

In the retail battle between pure digital e-commerce players and multichannel retailers, pure play is taking home the bigger share of the revenue. WGSN reports.

Aug 10, 2016


Few surprises here. Online-only retailers are growing at a significantly faster rate than their multichannel rivals while also recording a higher average basket value, according to the IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index.

How big’s the retail revenue growth gap? Online-only retailers are up 24.8% in the January-June H1 while multichannel retailers are trailing on 9.5%.

The gap between the two groups reached a record-high in June, when growth for the online-only retailers hit 32.4%, a full 23 percentage-points ahead of the rate for the multichannel retailers compared with a year ago.

When it comes to year-on-year growth, the average gap between the two groups over the past 12 months is 13%.

Meanwhile, the average basket value for online-only retailers is also £6 higher than that of multichannel retailers.

Although there are even fewer shocks in the news considering how significant smartphones are in the e-commerce arena, pure play retailers are also stealing a march on their multichannel rivals, claims the report.

Andy Mulcahy, editor of the IMRG report, explains: “While multichannel retailers have been under pressure to focus on rolling-out services such as click & collect and ensure it operates efficiently it seems that, generally speaking, online-only retailers have been able to invest more in mobile optimisation and are reaping the benefits as these devices continue to grow in importance for shoppers. It shows just how key smartphones have become to the overall retail experience.”

Bhavesh Unadkat, management consultant in retail customer engagement design Capgemini, added: “With the e-retail boom showing no signs of abating, there are opportunities for every retailer to capitalise. It’s important that online-only retailers continue their momentum in e-retail, while multichannel retailers do all they can to catch up with their ‘pure play’ counterparts.”

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Pure play retailers vastly outpacing multichannel rivals says report

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