Puppies, beer and sex: The new face of fitness

With green juice on every street corner and latest workout taking over our Instagram feeds, the wellness industry is booming – with the market valued at USD 3.7 trillion today – but this is only the beginning.

We go into the roots of this movement in our Anatomy of a Trend whitepaper: the market forces and influences behind it and how brands can tap into unlimited potential growth by identifying macro trends. But what is trending now for wellness and fitness? Gone are the days that our gym kit included only yoga mats and trainers. Grab a beer, bring your puppy and get ready to meet your next date in your next workout.

Your new workout buddy (aka your puppy)

It’s well known that pets keep us healthier: they reduce stress and pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure, heart rates and heart disease risk. But there’s been a new rise in human-puppy workouts, which is a clear reflection of the times. Millennials are delaying starting families but still seek companionship, increasing the number of pet ownership. Pets are being incorporated into all parts of our daily routine, including fitness activities – keeping humans fit and giving the dogs enough exercise to keep them calm and well-behaved at home. And brands are waking up the trend by innovating performance activewear products for dogs- with an increase in protective paw-wear for rough terrain, warming snow coats, cooling jackets for the heat and water life vests with top handles means that pup is ready for anything.

Fitness dogs- workouts with your puppies

Puppy workouts


Cheers and Namaste at Beer Yoga

Forget the strict rules and embrace a new genre of more relaxed yoga classes. We’re witnessing the wellness movement evolve from restrictive ideas around clean eating, green juices, and anything that feels like punishment for that #fitspo instagram, to a focus on happiness, holistic wellbeing and fun! As part of this we’ve seen goat yoga and pizza yoga emerge, but the newest trend that’s taking over? Beer yoga. From Berlin to Australia and UK, it does what it says – you drink beer while doing traditional yoga poses.


Gyms = The new bars

What better way to meet your next date than over protein shakes and sweat? There is a new wave of match-making workouts and fitness dating apps (like Sweatt) emerging, enhancing wellness through love and/or physical interaction. UK based Gymbox class PIT (Pheromone Improvement Training) is a primal HIIT class “guaranteed to get you lucky”, with participants have to wear a bespoke sweat suit to maximise sweat and deodorants are banned in order to enhance pheromones. Another London-based workout designed for singles is the sold out monthly Lovercise event. With coloured wristbands to indicate your dating status and after class drinks, it claims to help you find love while getting a killer workout. And if it doesn’t work… well, at least you got a good fitness session.



If you haven’t yet, check out our complimentary whitepaper Anatomy of a Trend where we unveil the arts and science of trend forecasting, helping brands to understand when they should action key macro trends.

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