Pokémon GO: The new AR game that’s a huge hit with consumers
By Carlene Thomas Bailey

It only launched five days ago in the US, but already Pokémon GO has added $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market value & might surpass Twitter in daily active users

Jul 11, 2016

2 min

It started at the tail end of last week, with a few people talking about the new AR launch from Nintendo, and now the demand for the app has skyrocketed. Pokémon GO has taken the US by storm, with stateside consumers rushing to download the game.

The mobile gaming app, which encourages consumers to walk around their real-life neighbourhoods while searching for virtual Pokémon game characters on their phone, is set to surpass Twitter in daily active users.


The app is great news for Nintendo’s share price too, which it has watched rise and rise, with gains up to $7.5 billion.

Why such demand for the game? WGSN’s Amiyra Perkins, consultant with WGSN Mindset explains the appeal:

“For millennials the game is an exercise in nostalgia, it reminds us all in the US of growing up with Pokémon on TV, we all came home from school and watched every episode. This game is the perfect fusion of the digital world teaming up with our appetite for nostalgia, it’s a bit new school, and a bit old school, it ticks all the boxes.

Also this AR app is playful, and as we’ve seen time and time again, consumers respond positively to social media apps and games that encourage play, you only need to look at Snapchat as proof of that.”

The added appeal of the game is that it’s free to download too. Created as part of a partnership between the Pokémon Company (Nintendo owns a third of the company) and Niantic Labs, the game has so far been released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, with more global launches coming soon.

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Pokémon GO: The new AR game that's a huge hit with consumers

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