Plug & Dream: the start of experiential furniture
By Laurence Pasquier

Connected and flexible furniture is about to change the way we live, starting now. WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors editor Laurence Pasquier reports

May 31, 2016


Plug & Dream is our pick of today’s wanderings through Paris’ DDays, the annual design event geared towards the city’s general public. This modular system offers a sneak peek into an exciting future, where technology will be embedded into our lives and homes in increasingly softer ways.

Designed by Loève Saint-Ourens, Plug & Dream’s modular system includes a video-projector, an audio deck fit for smartphones, an aromatherapy diffuser, as well as various lighting options and even a Qleek station, linking straight to your Spotify account.

Imagine pre-programming your morning ritual so that the artificial dawn fitted onto your headboard wakes you up, the scent of essential oils fills your nostrils, and music starts playing, softly prepping you for your daily meditation… This is wellness at its best, or should we say, (in the words of the designer) “eWell-Being”.

Units can be customised with all sorts of fabrics and leathers, and fit together with magnets. To be 100% personal, 100% human-friendly.

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Plug & Dream: the start of experiential furniture

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