Pantone introduces the perfect app for colour obsessives
By WGSN Insider

The new Studio iPhone app from Pantone offers a modern, digital take on the brand’s classic colour chips. WGSN reports

Aug 04, 2016

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While most of the world is going wild for Pokémon GO, creative colour obsessives and designers now have their own reason to geek out over an app.

Pantone, the global authority on colour, has just released Pantone Studio: a digital workspace that colour tracks your surroundings. As most big brands move into the digital sphere, this latest app is Pantone following suit and future-proofing its product for modern times, when consumers and designers alike are attached to their smartphones.

The tool which the colour authority just launched can be accessed for now through iPhone only, and allows users to play with its colour coded colour chips in digital form, plus it has a built-in tool on it that uses the camera on your phone to tell the user the colour composition of his or her surroundings.

Developed in collaboration with full-service digital agency Rokkan, the app offers a limited selection of colours available to all users, which Pantone subscribers can get access to all Pantone colours or can sign up for monthly ($7.99) or annual ($59.99) subscription fees.



“Fifty-three years ago, Pantone was introduced as a standardised language to communicate specific colours in the print market,” said SVP and General Manager, Ron Potesky. “Today, Pantone has become iconic and indispensable as the de facto language of colour in all design disciplines, as well as a source of colour intelligence and inspiration. Recognising the needs and opportunities for designers today, we created PANTONE Studio to provide them their own private colour studio – a place where they can explore, capture, create and share colour inspiration with friends and colleagues.”

pantone app

Pantone app: the new tool for designers on the go

The app also invites designers to name palettes and add geotag locations and for Instagram fans, the app lets you share palettes across Instagram and Facebook.


“This tool promotes interactivity and dialogue with a community of designers which really elevates the services Pantone has traditionally offered. Storied brands are tasked with figuring out how to build a strong digital presence that makes sense. With this initiative, Pantone has essentially developed an endless library of colour at the touch of a fingertip that can be personalised and shared across platforms and with friends, ” says Cassandra Napoli, WGSN Assistant Editor, Digital Media & Marketing.

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Pantone introduces the perfect app for colour obsessives

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Anja Gaede
Aug 08th, 2016

Am I right that we then lost the My Pantone app??? Anyone else experienced that?

Jan Matthias
Aug 08th, 2016

Can’t find it either, even here in the US!!

Aug 06th, 2016

I can’t find it in the App Store in Canada. Is it only available in the US???

Merritt Horan
Aug 05th, 2016

Not smart that it’s Apple customers only. Way to go! : I

Karrtika Bhardwaj
Aug 05th, 2016

Would love to expire a color app

Javier Hernandez
Aug 05th, 2016

Awesome! ¿Where can I get it?

Aug 05th, 2016

I really wanna use this app.. But it’s not available in Android Playstore(India)

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