Orta and Denham: AlchemyOne

One of our favorite and most innovative mills, Orta from Istanbul, Turkey, teamed up with one of our favorite denim brands, Denham, for an exciting new collaboration.

Orta has a new division in their offering, named Orta Blu, the sustainable program in their company. They’ve come up with an exciting new finishing process named AlchemyOne, which actually changes the structure of the fabric, giving denim better physical and visual performance, easy-to-dry capabilities with a durable soft hand-feel, fortified vintage looks, higher crease resistance and reduced fluffiness.

Alongside these benefits, it’s eco friendly; the process featurs an innovative system of recycling chemical treatments and uses almost zero water. These advancements have allowed Denham to create progressive new finishes using AlchemyOne with very little environmental impact.

Denham have included six jean models for the Spring 2012 range – the only collection worldwide to feature this breakthrough new approach to ecologically sound finishing.

The finish’s benefits include:

  • improved bulk .
  • improved lustre .
  • high strength .
  • reduced extensibility .
  • increased affinity for dyes of certain types .
  • enhanced evenness of dye take up.
  • can be used as a treatment for durable press finish.
  • delivers better physical performance with better  visuality and hand-feel.
  • improves the tensile strength and dimensional stability of cotton rich fabric
  • “improved properties over mercerizing” . It would perform further processing, including dyeing and finishing, that would provide the fabrics with “performance properties that are not achievable with conventional methods.
  • permits the use of less resin than other mercerization techniques, it could achieve better performance with respect to strength.
  • alters the visuality of the fabric and makes the fabric smoother and brighter.
  • reduces the use of softener, resin, anti-pilling enzyme in denim garment finish.
  • processes  the fabric with almost zero water consumption.

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