On The Street – New York

















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  • hi street style friend

    i am glad to tell you that after 201 street style photo romances in Paris, i’ve been proposed to create a press magazine about street styles from the world.
    50 000 copies in Paris, then…

    Now, I have to create a network of passionated blogs for the content

    If you like my concept of photo romances, I’ll be glad to exchange links for helping me (collaborating ?) to show that fashion comes from street

    Thank you for your collaboration

    best regards

    street style romancer in Paris

  • l

    i think the girl with the red hat, coat, and shoes is Keiko Lynn


    i recognized her face and forgot that she now lives in New York

  • I wil never tire of the knit hat-scarf-skinny jeans & boot combo a la the first photo! Love the pops of color in the others.
    Sam, http://omowrites.blogspot.com


  • Anonymous

    mario. Testino.. do you realise what you are missing…

    street style realizes that hat scarf boot combo is winner…

    Big mistake …. big ,… HUGE

  • Andrea

    Why are you so freaking obsessed with fur? These women that you are photographing are not admired, they are looked on as ignorant fools. In this day and age the only people I have seen wearing fur in New York are Bridge and Tunnel hags and Russians, and apparently, the trashy tourists that you manage to dig up for your blog. Why don’t you focus on true fashion? Your approach is simplistic and irrelevant.

  • kitty

    boo @ andrea ..

    anywhoo .. i love the color choices on the girls .. super ps .. i love the blue tights in the last pic .. its a nice surprise ..

  • While I certainly have no problem with Russians and I love shooting stylish tourists, I generally try to avoid photographing hags. My approach IS simplistic and I’m trying to distill it and refine it even further. My favorite photographs/photographers manage to say a lot by saying very little – Weegee, Arbus, Avedon’s portraits of real people. I do respect your aversion to fur – and perhaps even agree with it – but my political and moral views do not prevent me from photographing someone who I think looks stylish or attractive or interesting. My only real aversion is to the mundane.

  • Whoever said it was me is absolutely correct:)

  • I heart Keiko Lynn!

  • Chelsea

    The girl with the yellow dress with blue polka dots is Alia Shawkat from the show Arrested Development.

  • Yep – that’s Alia.

  • Anonymous

    ANDREA!!!!!! i agree with you to a degree regarding the fur factor but there are far more important things to worry about then someone wearing fur. don’t you think???

    i am a tourist who wears fur….i come from a very warm climate and i need that shit to keep me warm. i didn’t kill it,it was killed years and years ago and its rabbit…a pest in some places!!! it isnt mink or some other rare breed my dear!!!

    andrea i won’t make any assumptions but i bet you wear leather shoes and eat meat. have you seen the state in which the animals are kept in that are only bred for human consumption???

    i think you can only open your mouth about hating fur and fur lovers if you are completely vegan my sweet otherwise keep your stupid opinions to yourself judgmental ignorant bitch!!!

  • OK – everyone – let’s try to keep this fun. Fashion is supposed to be fun, remember? I almost never delete or censor comments and I don’t want to start doing that.

  • joannie

    I think everyone looks great, I love that people still put an effort into their appearance.

    It is a wonderful surprise to see wonderful colors, and I love seeing what is going on in the glamorous streets of soho!

  • yuko

    i was there when you shot the girl in red tights and coat in front of anna sui 🙂 what are the chances of seeing one of my favorite streetstyle photographers in the streets while on a vacation!
    and about the fur thing. I wrote this long long paragraph discussing the philosophy and all that crap behind fur, hunting, meat, etc. but then i read eddie’s last comment and deleted the whole thing because
    fashion IS supposed to be fun

  • very high fashion every thing looks great i love those black pumps on the girl with the red leggings

  • Oooo! The girl in the red leggings (second to last) is me!! It was great meeting you Eddie!!


    P.S. Honey- the black pumps are Jimmy Choo!!! And sooooo comfortable!

  • B-NY

    I love your blog. It makes me happy. Obviously fashion is different for everyone, which is why i adore seeing different people express and take the time to show their styles.

    Don’t like fur? don’t wear it. Instead, enjoy, because life is great and it’s getting sunnier and warmer every day.

    Love, B

  • Hey Bridget – it was nice meeting you too!
    B – I couldn’t have said it better myself.