NYC Marathon Edge – Sarah Bronilla

The New York City Marathon plans to continue as scheduled this coming Sunday, November 4th 2012. And the Active Team plans to be there with bells on, supporting thousands of athletes running throughout the city that never sleeps. Despite dramatic and unprecedented damage from Hurricane SANDY, NYC Mayor Bloomberg decided to move forward with the iconic event due to its benefits towards hundreds of charities for those in need. (And not to mention,  a beacon of hope for New Yorkers.)

Enter Sarah Bronilla, Director of Fashion & Lifestyle for Exposure. For ten years, Bronilla has been a longtime friend of the Active Team, so when we found out she planned to run the marathon, we wanted to hear her story, see her running looks and personal motivation behind such a feat. Which happens to be a partnership with the Lower East Side Girls Club…an incredible organization, helping young girls in New York City.  We had the chance to ask her a few questions about her journey…in her own words:


How long have you been a runner? 

I did track throughout high school. As for long distance, I became obsessed in 2003 when I was forced to run 6 miles, 3x a day before breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the time I was studying muah thai in Thailand and they thought I was a bit out of shape causing your blows to be slower, having less impact so I had to run and shed pounds. I got obsessed, you zone out, yet are physically active. It’s meditation for me.

Have you always been an athlete? 

Yes. I like friendly competition and I like playing games, sports was my outlet.

Tell us about your training? 

Training is tough. You have to have a huge amount of self-discipline, which I do not have. Wake up super early or do it after a long day at work. Whichever time you choose, it sucks and is very inconvenient especially for a New York professional. I started running short distances and built momentum from there. While doing the short distances, I would test out my gear – shoes I liked, outfits, routes, music, snacks, drinks, tech equipment – all of it. When you’re running for 4 to 5 hours, you like to have your ‘stuff’, but can’t be uncomfortable. TIP: test out your equipment in the beginning, then run with it and only it for the full duration of training.


What have you been doing over the past few months to prepare for the NYC Marathon?

Running loads. Did a bit of strength training but not as much as I should. Yoga in my apt, I have a great podcast that has a good soundtrack. Swimming to build lung capacity and eating way too much carbs.

We’re really curious about your running looks and what you wear. What can you share about your “running style” and what works best for you? 

Quality of fabrics is key. Nike Dri-FIT is my favorite because it’s cotton yet feels like spandex and performs like wool. I also run with their LunarEclipse 2.0. It contains Lunalon Technology which is a sock liner in your shoe that provides cushion on impact but weighs more than 50% less than a typical EVA.  More importantly, running shoes can be really ugly, not these – dark grey with a bit of pazazz! (Neon green laces). I’m obsessed with neon but too classic to wear it on the streets.

My running time is my outlet to get crazy with the looks. I’ve carefully curated the final look – white Nike Dri-FIT tee, black adidas x Stella McCartney knee length running pants with neon orange adidas stripes, grey Nike sneaks with neon green laces, Supreme hat with my name in neon yellow. Apparently if you brand yourself with your name, people in the crowd start cheering you on. Sounds good to me, I’ll give them the good ‘ol debutante wave!


What do you think of the current running trends on the market? Any favorites? 

I like that running is now marketed as more of a lifestyle than a sport (because it is) and you see that in the gear. For instance, the fuel band (although not a running tool) allows you to monitor your activity without a weird obtrusive techy TV on your wrist. The styling of the apparel is also looking really good, there’s a bit of a nod to late 80s aerobics – splash of neon and high-waisted!


You’re running for the Lower East Side Girls Club. Tell us about what you’re doing with them for the Marathon? 

I grew up in Canada where I was lucky enough to be exposed and educated on a variety of subjects. The extracurricular activities I embraced gave me my curiosity and passion for art, literature, quality of food and drink, science, music and all kinds of culture. While I lived in the NYU world of the East Village for 13 years, I would cross paths with many overly entitled people. It wasn’t until I moved to the LES, a couple of years ago, that I realized inner city kids just don’t have the same benefit. I met some of the young females with so much potential that just didn’t have the same kind of access.

LES Girls Club is an outlet. They give them the platform to obtain the tools to become strong and intelligent women. We need to support these kinds of efforts for children, they’re our future. I want to raise at least $1K for them to continue on with these types opportunities.

Spread the word! http://www.crowdrise.com/sarahrunningforacaus

Any celebration plans after you cross the finish line? 

Peter Luger. Martini for an aperitif, steak for two, cream of spinach and roast potatoes for dinner, layered with a good bottle of Pinot then lots of rest!

Thanks Sarah! Go get ’em!

-Jessica Kaplan

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