NightSwapping: the new way to travel

It’s a bit like Airbnb. But not really. A bit like Couchsurfing. But not really. It’s a bit of both to be honest. This is NightSwapping and it’s the latest in living like a local.


So, how does it work? You swap nights with a local basically. The concept’s simple. You host people at yours and then use those nights to stay someplace else. With NightSwapping, giving is getting. So, for each night a traveller stays with you, you earn a night with someone else. You swap nights, not money. Like The New York Observer explains: “You can host a Czech that hosted a Cuban so you can stay in China”.


Neat right? We think so too. Word is catching on as well. The new company, based in France, already has more than 150,000 members swapping homes in more than 160 countries.WGSN_THINK TANK

If you’re sick and tired of could-be-anywhere hotel rooms and through-the-roof rentals then NightSwapping could be the one. A newcomer to the sharing economy, it wants to make travel local and affordable. This is about hosting and being hosted on – by new friends in new places, from all around the world. There’s three different ways to nightswap too – you can nightswap a room while the owner is there, do a mutual nightswap (where they come to you and you go to theirs) or nightswap an entire place while the owner is away. The choice is yours.

NightSwapping CEO Serge Duriavig says:

“I truly believe that Nightswapping is going to shake tourism as we know it. Taking the best out of the current modes of accommodation, this concept offers to our thousands of members a unique offering. It is now possible to have a travel experience that is altogether free, secure, comfortable, authentic, friendly and flexible.”WGSN_THINK TANK

The Buzz: We’ve talked about travel a lot recently – about the importance of cultural discovery and the growing desire for new global encounters. NightSwapping is a prime example of this.


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