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Hey – London and Paris are great but enough of that. How about some streetstyle photos from my city, New York? Here are some of my shots from the last couple of days…x eddie







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  • Anonymous

    I think the last girl with the hat, vintage ray-bans, and plaid shirt is the most original and refreshing of them all. She seems casual and relax without looking as if she was really trying to please anyone at all but herself. Her out-fit looks completely her own.

  • I like your take on things concerning the last girl. She does look like that she is not trying to please anyone but herself – you are right. As a result of just being herself she ends up with a fresh, carefree look that is pleasing to many – including me! 🙂

  • Isn’t that guy in the plaid skirt Marc Jacobs?
    Cute pictures!

  • ber

    marc is wearing skirts since his last runaway show. i think he always looks good. but skirts? frankly?!

  • Every photo I’ve seen of MJ recently features a skirt.

  • Yes that’s Marc. Well technically it’s a kilt not a skirt. Not my thing – but I have to say he wore it better than most. It actually looked quite natural on him – not costumey as is often the case.

  • I think the skirt suits him… doesn’t look over the top or anything.

  • mani

    i must agree about MJ in the kilt
    it suits him, and the way he has worn it, with the plazer and the combat boots, almost makes you forget that it is a kilt and not pants.
    i also really like the yellow sweater in the 5th picture

  • That yellow sweater is great and looked totally shrunken and vintage-y. Couldn’t believe it but she said it is from Forever 21.

  • Just got in from 10 days in Hoboken,NJ and my daughter gave
    me a trip around New York I wont soon forget. How am I going to endure this small,rainy town from now on? What a
    wonderful experience. Love your site.

  • I really like the first girl but I am really into loose fitting tops just now and I like the tan/black combination.

    Your Blog is one of my “must check everyday” blogs so thank you for putting so much effort in. Could you please check out mine, it is new!


    Thank you x

  • Anonymous

    The girl in No.4 looks like a young Patricia Arquette.

  • She looks very Arquette-like…you are right.

  • the first girl’s tshirt is really beautiful to me!

  • RE: comments 1&2
    I happen to know the girl in the last picture quite well and she does dress just to please herself. She always says she knows nothing about fashion, just what she likes. And I’ve got to say, she’s been an inspiration.

  • Being yourself is the most fashionable thing of all! (Unless you happen to be really unfashionable.) 🙂

  • I think the girl in the last picture is by far the most original. She has developed her own style that makes you look twice. As for guys in skirts…go back to the highlands laddie!!

  • the last girl happens to be my cousin and she has always had her own perfect style! And her style matches her personality.

  • Anonymous

    The last girl is the most eyecatching, and thats her
    beauty, she’s her own girl. God bless her…to dare
    to be diferent!!!

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