Meet the new wave of talented artists showcased at WGSN Futures

As part of our recent two day extravaganza WGSN Futures (which featured industry experts in the field of design, business and technology) we invited the new art talent of tomorrow to come down. Teaming up with Arts Thread, a launchpad forum for creatives, we put the word out to say we were looking for artists to interpret and bring to life our S/S17 trend Encounter Culture. The call was for work that reflected our trend theme, playing with vibrant, energetic colours.

At WGSN our entire world view is centred around finding the people and concepts that will shape the way the future will look – and these three artists, chosen to exhibit at WGSN Futures in partnership with Artsthread, are certainly ones to watch.

These finalists were amazing, their outstanding work lit up the WGSN Futures venue and was a social media hit.

Below, is a snippet of their creations that were on display at our amazing venue 8 Northumberland Avenue, London.

Jane Marle: ‘Holi Encounter’

WGSN Futures Arts Thread artist:

WGSN Futures Arts Thread artist: Jane Marle


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.32.13 PM

Jane Marle’s multimedia art installation was inspired by Holi, the festival of colours celebrated in India and Nepal each spring by people taking to the streets and playing with brilliantly coloured paint, covering everyone in vibrant hues. Not only did Marle incorporate the bright shades of magenta, turmeric yellow and cobalt blue that are commonly thrown by the festival crowds, her choice of materials created an additional connection to the natural landscape on which Holi takes place.

WGSN Day 2-0273

Jane with her WGSN Futures art work

Her paintings and sculptures are formed from Himalayan salt found in the Indian subcontinent, which lends the pieces an “extraordinary” 3D texture and also emphasises the intensity of the pigments, grabbing the viewer’s attention and immersing them in the whirling colours of Holi.

Rosamund Hanny: ‘Wings and feathers’


WGSN Day 2-0239

WGSN Day 2-0238

‘Wings and Feathers’ is Rosamund Hanny’s textile art installation, taking inspiration from “the vibrancy and fragility of nature”. Swathes of silk are suspended as if by magic in mid air, like birds in flight, while delicate colour gradient embroidery covers the silks to create soft rainbows of colour as on the wings of birds of paradise. Hanny combined both traditional and contemporary techniques in creating the overworked and innovative textile pieces, such as digital and hand embroidery, sublimation printing and exhaust dyeing.

WGSN Day 2-0252

Grizelda Kitching:  ‘Botanical Series’

Grizelda Kitching’s ‘Botanical Series’ is a selection of digital prints, made through a careful process of screen printing and overlaid digital abstractions. The pieces started life as screen prints, Kitching adding mono print abstract marks, in “response to [her] original botanical photography.” Clearly aligning with WGSN’s own analysts, Grizelda’s tropical-inspired and spontaneous works chime with the S/S17 WGSN trend ‘Encounter Cultures’.

WGSN Day 2-0267

WGSN Day 2-0257

WGSN Day 2-0256

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