New Brand Alert: De Chemin Jeans
By Samuel Trotman

With its roots firmly in the ’70s, a new brand emerges from Los Angeles.

May 13, 2013


With its roots firmly in the ’70s, a new brand emerges from Los Angeles called De Chemin Jeans.

The premium denim scene in L.A. is welcoming a new addition into the industry, but this new brand already has a history in apparel; it has been launched by Jason Gaon, the son of ’70s label Chemin De Fer. You can see the similarities from a simple Google image search: a decorative and curvaceous back yoke being at the heart of the brand’s styling and a distinct retro flair driving the modern denim collection.

That “reverse yoke” is not only there for decoration, Chemin has engineered it to “enhance the appearance of your bottom, employing more than 12 pattern pieces. The waistband is sculpted to frame your shape, and the detailing on the hips is inspired by aerodynamic design to lengthen the legs.”

Jason Gaon: “If my father had access to the finest mills, craftsmanship and technology of today what would he do? He would do de Chemin jeans.”

The brand is also able to proudly claim the “Made in America” tag, with all premium denim coming from the renowned Cone Denim, and all manufacturing taking place in Los Angeles. Being very new to the scene, the jeans are only for sale in La Maison Rouge and Vanity Room in L.A., but watch this space as they are set to hit many more stores over the coming weeks.

To find out more, check out their Facebook page and website.


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