My week in pictures: Soho Farmhouse, interiors and Dame Jo Malone
By Carla Buzasi

From the beauty of Oxfordshire to moodboarding her revamped apartment, WGSN Global Chief Content Officer shares her week’s events

Oct 22, 2015

Carla Buzasi WGSN
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It’s more a fortnight (plus) in pics today, thanks to birthday celebrations getting in the way of things like, well, work. Food has featured heavily (when does it not?), although with a hefty dose of interiors inspo, thanks to a long weekend at the impossibly chic Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire. I took so many photos, I went over my iPhone capacity and had to steal the boyfriend’s phone for the second half the trip. If you’ve ever visited the website Cabin Porn (not rude; promise), it’s basically that but in real life.

Back to London life, and an amazing evening to celebrate Dame (no less) Jo Malone’s 21 years in the fragrance industry with dinner at Claridge’s that tasted heavenly, and – in true Jo style – smelt even better. That was closely followed by planning permission finally coming through to renovate our little London flat, the timing of which means it’s more than likely to end up styled to the nines with reclaimed wood boards and sheepskin rugs. And a good few scented candles.

Carla Buzasi WGSN

Sunday lunch at Soho Farmhouse (which was nice)

Carla Buzasi WGSN

When at the aforementioned farmhouse you cannot leave without trying its Bloody Marys

Carla Buzasi WGSN

Painting our truffle salad starter with beetroot juice at a dinner celebrating the incredible Jo Malone’s 21 years in fragrance

Carla Buzasi WGSN

Rudimental at Alexandra Palace in London – part gig, part light show

Carla Buzasi WGSN

What do you do when you get planning permission to revamp your flat? Pop the Champagne (and start moodboarding)

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My week in pictures: Soho Farmhouse, interiors and Dame Jo Malone

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