My week in pictures: Early mornings at the BBC and Open House London
By Carla Buzasi

From discussing LFW on morning telly to snooping around the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, WGSN Global Chief of Content Carla Buzasi shares her week in pictures

Sep 24, 2015

WGSN Carla Buzasi
5 photos

Man alive, there have been a lot of early mornings this week. As a general rule, I do not wear heels – or make-up for that matter – on Sundays, but I was up bright and early for BBC Sunday Morning Live with appropriately high heels and layers of mascara to give my tuppence-worth on London Fashion Week, followed by more of the same for the Today programme on Tuesday. (Although that being radio – not to mention a 5am start – meant I could get away with trainers.) 

While London Fashion Week got all the headlines this week, Open House London – when historic buildings and fancy houses are open to the public – was taking place at the same time, and a nice reminder gorgeous design in the UK isn’t just the preserve of the catwalks…

wgsn Carla Buzasi

What it looks like when you have to get up at the crack of dawn to be on the Today programme

wgsn Carla Buzasi

Sculpture at The Gherkin, courtesy of Open House London

wgsn Carla Buzasi

What I saw when snooping around the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (also thanks to Open House London)

wgsn Carla Buzasi

A very early yoga class requires very bright yoga leggings!

wgsn Carla Buzasi

Desk shelfie (deskie?!) with new plant, new face stuff and my managing editor’s rabbit keeping an eye on me

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