Music / Innovation: Bronze Format by Gwilym Gold

Former Golden Silvers frontman Gwilym Gold, with guiding help from scientists at Goldsmiths University and producer Lexxx of Bjork fame, has created a new form of music software that has the ability to manipulate and generate new sounds on each play of a song, allowing for a completely unique listening experience.

“The main idea is that the songs are in a constant state of regeneration. The possibilities are endless; it’s down to the choices you make. So a hi-hat pattern, it’s not just that pattern, rather every single sound in that pattern will have its own law and generate a new pattern from that”, explains Gold a little further.

The innovative Bronze Format is the first of its kind and can be downloaded the Bronze website, available for most smartphones and the iPod touch.  Essentially this intelligent software acts as it’s own performer, able to change and alter songs at its own free will, much like a live DJ, or musician – meaning that exactly the same song will never be heard twice.

Last month we were lucky enough to attend Structures; a collaborative performance between producer Jamie xx and audio-visual artists Quayola. Using a software language called Partitura, Quayola created visuals that responded and reacted in real-time to a live DJ set by Jamie.

Additionally, Bjork’s Biophilia project has recently taken the music and art world by storm: a series of apps created by digital artist Scott Snibbe that enables fans to interact with songs, and re-mix or create completely new versions, becoming part of the music making process.

This summer we have tracked countless music and art projects and collaborations pioneering the latest in technological innovation, showcasing the ways in which artists are now creating unconventional and exciting experiences for audiences and users to interpret, connect and interact with music and art.

Experimental projects such as Gold’s have the ability to completely change the process of how we consume music – we look forward to seeing much more from Bronze Format and this pioneering, young artist.

Watch the beautiful Bronze teaser video here. – Samantha Fox

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