Move over cold-pressed juices, cold-pressed oils are here
By Leah McCormack

 The latest food trend to spark in the most forward-thinking of kitchens, is the rise of cold-pressed oils. WGSN’s Leah McCormack reports

Jul 22, 2016


Each year sees food and drink producers deliver new product for our kitchen cupboards, alerting us to a new spice, flavouring or food type for consumers to try. And, as consumers become more and more attuned to embracing ‘wellness’ into their diet, food producers are responding to the changing palates.

In the last five years we’ve watched the growth of cold-pressed juices in the market, and in the last two years, we’ve seen the boom of cold-brew coffee (with health benefits being that it is less acidic than hot coffee). Now, the latest cold-pressed trend?

Cold pressed oils. Spotted at the recent The Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, we saw cold-pressed oils from many different brands. These oils promise to hold on to the natural nutritional values of the ingredients, unlike many infused oils.

Held annually at New York’s Javits Center, the Summer Fancy Food Show brings together 2,670 speciality food exhibitors (1,370 from across the US) and 25,000 attendees. With speciality food sales ($120.5 billion in 2015) now making up 14% of all food retail in the US, the focus across the show is on the newest organic ingredients, innovative packaging and convenience-minded products.

With cold-brew coffees and cold-pressed juices now mainstream, there is renewed focus on the benefits of cold-pressed oils, balsamic’s and dressings. What’s the benefit to the consumer? These oils are made by crushing together ingredients, rather than through infusion, the cold-press process ensures that nutrients stay in the bottle, so that speciality oils such as avocado and macadamia nut preserve all of the nutritional values of the original superfoods.

Look for them coming to a supermarket near you soon.

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