How Moon Cycle Bakery is redefining periods

With increased awareness around how food can affect feelings, we have seen pizza, cocktails and whole cafés embracing mood-enhancing ingredients. Now, new subscription service Moon Cycle Bakery wants to help make periods a more pleasant and relaxing time with a monthly delivery of uplifting sweet treats –  a great improvement on the dash to the shop for a multi-pack of Mars bars (and no leaving the house required).

Subscribers are sent baked goods in line with their personal cycles and specific needs during their periods. The treats contain hormone-supportive ingredients (primrose, magnesium-rich cacao) to help satisfy cravings, improve mood and help relieve physical symptoms such as cramping. Offerings currently include Matcha Coconut Bites, Raspberry Black Bean Brownie with Primrose, and a Chocolate Cup sweetened with ginger and honey, and they are all gluten- and dairy-free.

moon cycle bakery

But this bakery doesn’t just want to feed you brownies. Moon Cycle Bakery wants to change the way people think about periods. Rather than an inconvenience, they want to reframe this monthly event as a moment to embrace – an opportunity to reflect and to connect with nature and creativity. The idea of celebrating this rather mystical time of the month with decadent desserts also taps into Millennial interests in spirituality, self-care and mindful eating, as well as the emerging focus on female-focused design.

moon cycle bakery

Going forward, we will see a further intermingling of spiritual elements with mood-enhancing foods, as brands support self-care rituals and practices that comfort and uplift. Moments of reflection will continue to be an important element, as consumers look to nourish their bodies and minds, and reconnect with their natural rhythms.

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