Monochromatic Is The Way To Go For Interiors

inspiring house paint colours

Monochrome house paint colours are key this season

In the recent seasons, colour has grown to become the first, kick-off step when designing, instead of being relegated as an afterthought in the design process. This is really important, because colour is the driver of almost 90% of all decisions we make – in fact 90 seconds are enough to set one’s mind, and 93% of people say it is the visuals that make the difference. After all, sight is indeed the strongest developed sense of our five, therefore it is understandable that it’s also the first one to impact how we perceive, evaluate and therefore react to the surrounding world.

Monochrome house paint colours

Monochrome colours

Colour is the game changer in how we feel, what we do and how we do it. Now, it is starting to influence our lifestyles as well – and brands are embracing and celebrating this with designs and displays that bring colour centre stage. In fact, across the trade shows and exhibitions we explore, as well as newly launched collections, we see a predominance of a one, bold, immersive, all-encompassing shade. The Instagram-wow factor plays a big role of course, as the impact these matte, solid colour statements have is eye-catching and memorable (the social media platform has become a primary window to surprise, captivate and engage with visuals).

If we look at the recent collections launches, Missana is definitely one to mention – this family-owned Spanish brand in 2012 took a leap of faith and trusted Masquespacio with their creative direction : the creative agency has a fondness for a bold use of tonalities, and brought Missana to the fore with extremely curated and colour-heavy pieces and styling. This fresh, hyper-visual approach continues in the latest designs, with tonal compositions and a focus on highly pigmented, saturated spaces. The extreme matteness of the images also entices tactility, highlighting the upholsteries of the pieces showcased – that are the core business of the brand after all.

The much-talked about collection of the moment, the HAY x IKEA Ypperlig collaboration, also just released the first visuals and here too, monochromatic colour blocking and layering drive the styling. Available from October, the designs range from furniture to decor and the lookbook enhances the mixing and matching of the pieces – against a saturated, matte and solid colour backdrop. Colours tend towards the darks with a richness of elements.

In tech accessories, cool-and-trendy brand Urbanears recently added a wireless radio to their range – and launched it with a campaign that emphasises the radio’s capacity to actually blend into the environment. Their previous campaign for their iconic headphones also relied on monochromatic compositions as well, and for this recent one the tonal styling across domestic and workplace spaces plays on the lack of cables, and once again the richness of pigments and a super matte effect are key.

Borderline between fashion and interiors, Kipling’s latest campaign for luggage, accessories and back to school jumps on this bandwagon as well – there is a fantastical feeling to the settings, and photographer Eli Rezkallah plays on the total colour immersion of the scene narrated in the shot, while letting the brand’s product being the only out-of-place item standing out.

Love this? As we work on S/S 19, we’ve dedicated a report on the impact that colour and light have on our mind, mood and body – subscribers can check out our In Touch forecast, and find out about the latest directions in colour usage in our Colour Inspiration section.

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