Modeling School Dropout

img_3759as.jpgAs streetstyle and streetstyle websites and streetstyle magazine features continue to take over the world and influence the fashion industry, it feels like to me that the separation between “model” and “real girl” is increasingly blurring. There is suddenly a punk rock-like shift going on in fashion where it is starting to seem pointless and even silly to spend many thousands of dollars hiring a “professional” photographer and “professional” model and stylist and crew to pull a shoot together when some guy walking around Stockholm with a point-and-shoot can come up with photos that are more interesting and exciting and sometimes downright electrifying than any pro shoot ever could be. To me, this is what fashion and photography and art in general is about anyway – stirring emotions in your audience. Studio shoots with models and lights leave me cold these days. Elma was walking around the West Village wearing a vintage tutu… xx eddie






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  • O’TAY Eddie!!
    You KNOW that I slam you without mercy when you offer up some TRASH!! Well, THIS IS NOT ONE of those!! She is very well put together, with a nice body to go with her style! I really dig on her wool jacket, and what looks like a very jazzy scarf! I may even steal one of her ideas for my own couture line.

    She has a very ‘don’t care’ look on her face, and she photographs very well. Post some more of this outfit if possible, and style her for another photo-shoot. I hope that you at least have her contact info. Eddie, you really did yourself proud, THIS time! I WILL be watching.

  • Hi – I’m glad you like the photos. But there is no styling and it is not a photo shoot – not a standard photo shoot anyway. She happens to be a friend…but as always it was a chance meeting and she is wearing her own clothes. The bag that she was carrying has been sat on the sidewalk just out of view of the camera. This is the whole point of this post – I see girls walking around everyday who look better than many professional models and who are wearing outfits that would make any stylist envious. Stylesightings = real girls, real style.

  • She is adorable. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    where can you get a tutu like that?

  • love it!

  • the photos are great! I like the 4th one and I agree, streetstyle turns out to be more interesting because its not a matter of money but of style or these special natural talent some people seem to have to make things look awesome.. it was an inspiring post .. =)

  • For a tutu like this you should try Ebay, vintage costume shops, your local ballet store, and vintage clothing shops that carry a broad range of merchandise like Screaming Mimi’s or Allan and Suzi in New York or Beyond Retro or Absolute Vintage in London. I saw a couple of cool ones on Ebay like yesterday. Happy hunting! (Elma’s is from a vintage costume dealer by the way.)

  • B-NY

    This is absolutely gorgeous, and I definitely see your point.
    There is something so much more fascinating about girls/guys looking like this doing their daily business, than in a fancy shoot after hours of preparation…

  • http://nononikki.blogspot.com

    Beautiful pictures!
    I agree that “spontaneous” pictures have a lot more emotions and feelings than some studio photos.

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