Mike Brodie: A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity
By Samuel Trotman

We love the book Mike Brodie: A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity.

Mar 21, 2014


We just got an email from the guys over at LN-CC about the Mike Brodie photography book, released back in March 2013. Brodie captured train riders, hitch-hikers and outsiders he met while traveling across America between 2004 and 2008. The photos uncover the network of individual and unique characters he came across, befriended and hung out with during his time on the road and rail systems of the USA.

Although this book came out in March of last year, we realized we hadn’t blogged about the release, despite it being so inspirational for denim surface, wash and mood. There are a lot of denim designers who we’re sure would love to get their hands on some of the dirty and blackened denim that some of the travelers wear in the pictures!

The next best thing is to buy the book! You can find it over on LN-CC, through the publishers or on Amazon and find out more about Mike Brodie on his website.


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