Miffy at 60: How the iconic Dutch figure is being transformed by artists globally
By Allison Goodfellow-Ash

Teaming up with artists for a year long art parade and a UNICEF partnership, brand Miffy is proving just how relevant it is at 60. WGSN Associate Editor Kidswear Allison Goodfellow-Ash reports

Dec 09, 2015

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If you’ve been keeping your eye on kidswear news this year, you can’t have failed to notice that one iconic character has been celebrating 60 years in the game.

Miffy, the cute Dutch rabbit has been celebrating her birthday, but rather than reminiscing about the past, she is very much in the present.

The strength of the Miffy brand is that it is still so relevant today. In fact a brand new animated series is currently one of the most watched on Tiny Pop TV.

As part of the 60th birthday celebrations, which included an exhibition in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam earlier this year, Miffy has gone interactive, being reimagined by Dutch and Japanese artists as part of a year-long Art Parade digital/ creative project.

“The magic of Miffy is the simplicity of her design, this is what creates her beauty, she is a blank canvas and in turn a perfect surface for expression with a variety of prints, knits and colours,” says WGSN Associate Editor Kidswear, Allison Goodfellow-Ash.

The brand’s digital site to accompany the celebration is also incredibly user friendly, showcasing the breath of the brand history and this specific celebration.

Each decorated figure on both the Dutch and Japanese Art Parade sites come with beautifully photographed details and a small interview with each artist, explaining their inspiration. These range from Miffy with a red cardigan by artist Junko Tamura ‘We wanted to protect Miffy from the winter cold, so we knitted her a cardigan’ to Miffy with a handmade carrot pattern blouse by Makoto Oozu.


Each Miffy design is set to be auctioned to raise money for UNICEF, which feels like the perfect partnership for the brand. Rather than feeling like a forced licensing deal, this is a great way for brand Milly to attract global exposure while also doing good.

“By encouraging art, creativity and collaboration this multi regional campaign has managed to celebrate the simplicity or blank canvas of Miffy beautifully. This is a fantastic example of how the endless appeal of kids characters and licensing can work together with charity in truly dynamic ways, not only to celebrate and bolster a properties market presence, but giving something back too,” adds Ash.

For consumers who do want a part of the Miffy magic, the company has also produced a blank Miffy doll that can be painted and transformed by DIY, so that you can have a little, unique customised Miffy on your shelf too…

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Miffy at 60: How the iconic Dutch figure is being transformed by artists globally
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Maggi Mercado
Dec 12th, 2015

Was Miffy born before Hello Kitty? Very cute & congratulations on your 60th birthday. So, you’re older than Charlie Brown.

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