Mid-week GIF pep-talk (because working in fashion is tough)
By Carla Buzasi

It’s going to be okay. Promise…

Aug 05, 2015

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Maybe you’re exhausted after Pure London. Maybe you’re the only person in your office who’s not on holiday. Maybe you’ve got a vicious mid-week hangover. The truth is Wednesdays are hard. Really hard. Why? Because…

It’s the day of the week when you’re kind of like…

And maybe a little…

But instead you have to be like…

Even though your boss is like…

And obviously you want to be like…

But you have to be like…

Because you work in fashion…

And your hard work is finally paying off/will finally pay off (promise)…

Plus you’re a trooper…

And also AMAZING!

(Plus it will be Friday soon, hang in there).

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  • Karine

    Love this!!! just how I was feeling this morning. Ready to take on the day now though.

  • Hahaha this is so perfect!


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