By Sarah Ryan Hecht

Marite Iglesias, Arts Manager for Goldman Properties, shares her favourite hotspots around the energetic city of Miami.

Dec 16, 2014

Photo by Stefanie Jasper

Marite Iglesias witnessed the Wynwood Walls come to life, and is today an integral part of the rapidly growing operation. As the Arts Manager for Goldman Properties, the Wynwood Walls and the Houston Bowery Wall, Iglesias works with a small team to curate these vibrant art pieces. Here, the arts aficionado shares her favourite hotspots around the energetic city of Miami.

Q: How did you become involved with the Wynwood Walls?
A: I became involved with the Wynwood Walls the moment I saw the walls come to life. I was in Wynwood before the Walls existed and was fortunate enough to witness this new creation. I have been attached ever since. Becoming the arts manager for Goldman Properties, the Wynwood Walls and the Houston Bowery Wall was a seamless next step on a professional and personal level.

Q: Describe the process of curating the Walls.
A: The process of curating the Walls is like an ongoing conversation, an exchange of ideas. It can be extensive at times, but also quite intuitive, organic, fluid. The team, which is led by our CEO and chief curator Jessica Goldman Srebnick, is comprised of creative minds each with a strong, defined aesthetic. We bring our artist selections to the table and are prepared to answer why, where and when.

Q: Where do you find artists and how do you go about choosing them?
A: We find the artists and the artists find us. Everywhere. We go about choosing artists by looking beyond, and understanding the layers behind the artist and the work. It requires an eye, and a confidence in decisively choosing.

Q: What do you like most/admire about Miami? What do you think is the city’s greatest quality?
A: What I like most about Miami is simply its natural beauty. The best quality is the art scene.

3620 NE 2nd Avenue / 1 305 520 5197
Neighbourhood: Wynwood/Design District

I love the intimacy and old-world feel here. They also make an excellent Manhattan.

3251 South Miami Avenue / 1 305 250 9133
Neighbourhood: Coconut Grove

It’s quite magical. The architecture, property, location and views are stunning.

736 6th Street / 1 305 534 8988
Neighbourhood: South Beach

The real deal, no-frills yoga. It’s only about the yoga here. I love it.


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