Mexico’s Guanajuato City: Vibrant Inspiration off The Beaten Track
By Dan Bisson

Vibrant and historical, Mexico’s Guanajuato city is an idyllic inspirational destination. WGSN Editor of Footwear & Accessories Dan Bisson reports

Mar 18, 2016

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A ticket to Guanajuato please!

Inspiration can come from anything, anyone and anywhere. On a recent trade show trip, to Mexico, I tagged on a couple of extra days before the fair to explore and discover. I’ve never travelled to Mexico before and I was fortunate enough to get the chance to absorb the classic and modern Hispanic American delights. A short 40 minute coach ride away from Leon City, and with some local help, I was taken to the serene and historical town of Guanajuato City.


Set in a narrow valley the city is an idyllic environment for colour, material and authentic Mexican inspiration. Previously know for its mines and the first location of Mexican War Of Independence, Guanajuato really does cement that classic Mexican style. The mix of old and new art and design provide unique applications for a city bursting with culture.


Walking down the cobble pathways and discovering the delightful local bakeries, ancient churches, boutique shops and art galleries can inspire any mind. The decaying architecture combined with the vibrant and washed colours add that real rustic Mexican feel. Warm terracotta, deep red and bold tangerine shades as well as light blue, fresh mint and yellow tones provide the ultimate Spring/Summer palette.


If you are after new inspirations for the season then I would highly recommend Mexico, especially Guanajuato City. The people, food, design, colour and history will certainly inspire all creative minds.

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