Metro Gold: The Newsstand at the Lorimer Stop

If your daily commute includes catching one of the trains at the Lorimer G and L stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you may have noticed an independent magazine and zine shop that recently took over a former run-of-the-mill subway stand.

The Newsstand is a collaboration between Lele Saveri of the 8-Ball Zine Fair and ALLDAYEVERYDAY, featuring publishers Nowork, Hamburger Eyes, Ed Varie, Dashwood Books, Desert Island Books, Toilet Paper Magazine and more. On top of the alluring repertoire of publications offered, the stand is also hosting exclusive events and book signings. Shannan Elinor Smith met with Kevin Kearney, Managing Director at ALLDAYEVERYDAY, to ask a few questions about this exciting new underground collaboration.

Do you have a favorite publication or item at The Newsstand?

Kevin: With new books and zines coming in everyday it is hard to pick just one. We recently debuted in the US the latest issue of Toiletpaper Magazine which is always something worth checking out. A personal favorite came from the ALLDAYEVERYDAY team in Los Angeles who produced an original zine by Cali Thornill Dewiit called Cease 2 Exist.

Can you talk about the event series happening at The Newsstand?

Kevin: The Newsstand itself has become an ever evolving platform for exposure to both established and new artists alike. With the built in audience surrounding the location we’ve been able to create short but exciting bursts of awareness around special events, from artists signings to temporary installations. The event series has helped us to expand the audience for The Newsstand while being able to collaborate with top creatives on producing original content and providing exposure.

Tell me about the guest clerks, why did you want them to be involved in the project?

Kevin: The guest clerk program is an opportunity to give artists, photographers and creatives a chance to experience what it is really like to be in The Newsstand beyond a short, couple hour event. For commuters and shoppers it is an chance to get an insider perspective from some inspirational figures while dually exposing both the clerk and audience to something different. Some of the most rewarding moments in The Newsstand come from a guest clerk like photographer Peter Sutherland or (documentary filmmaker) Ari Marcopoulos engaging with a regular commuter who might never have been previously exposed to such unique print material and being presented with the work by the person behind it.

Have any of the guest clerks worked retail like this before?

Kevin: The majority of guest clerks have had some retail experience but for many this is a return to a type of job they haven’t experienced in years, and in a setting that is completely different from the norm. While the functions of ringing sales and greeting customers is the same, you can’t beat the people watching from behind the counter at The Newsstand.

Did they enjoy working at The Newsstand?

Kevin: Every day is different, but an unexpected surprise is the separation from the internet that encourages a sparked awareness of what is around you. You begin to ignore your phone and instead go back to a more analog existence, digging into print or just enjoying the endless sea of commuters, mostly rushing but occasionally taking in the shop and what it has to offer.

What’s your best memory in a bookstore?

Kevin: The best part of visiting a bookstore is discovering something new. While downloading a book to a Kindle or pursuing different blogs can spark inspiration the variety and serendipity that can come from a trip to a bookstore is completely different. One of my favorite moments from a bookstore was the first time visiting The Strand. There was an overwhelming sense to the bulk of content available but also a feeling that I would find exactly what I wanted. I hope at some small scale we can replicate that discovery at The Newsstand.

Should we keep our eyes peeled for any other pop up newsstands?

Kevin: We’re always exploring different opportunities to take this experience to different locations. As long as their is a community of artists and creators that are excited around the prospect of an idea like The Newsstand we’ll be looking for different outlets to work with them.

Flyer for Toilet Paper Magazine launch

The Newsstand is located at the intersection of the G and L trains. Hours are 10am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 12noon – 7pm Sunday and Saturday. For more information visit their website alldayeveryday.com/thenewsstand and Instagram page #thenewsstand. – Shannan Elinor Smith

Flyer for Marilyn Rondon live painting event

Clerks at The Newsstand

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