Met Gala brand value: Just how much was that red carpet activity worth?

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It can often be hard to work out just how much value a red carpet appearance adds to a brand. We know it’s important, but how important? Well, these days there are plenty of analysts crunching the numbers to give us answers.

It seems the strongly-followed Met Gala red carpet last week had a total “media impact value” of nearly $144m from a total of nearly 400,000 social media and online posts, according to the Launchmetrics proprietary Media Impact Value (MIV) algorithm.

Its team of data analysts measured social and online media from May 6 through 8. Hashtags tracked included #metgala2018, #heavenlybodies, #redcarpet, #themet, #costumeinstitute and #metgala.

Versace already seemed like the big winner brand-wise as far as red carpet presence was concerned, and it looks like the label was the biggest winner as far as social and online media were concerned too, with the new Launchmetrics report showing just how much of an impact the label made.

A big part of Versace’s winning performance was Kim Kardashian’s appearance in what seemed like a liquid gold dress, and the data specialist said the Kardashian effect was part of 16.8m posts mentioning the Italian label. That all added up to an MIV of over $11.8m.

The number two and three brands on the list didn’t quite get as many mentions as Versace, but Tommy Hilfiger in second place certainly did well with 6.3m interactions, while Balmain had 5.1m. Gucci, which had a less powerful presence on the red carpet than some other brands, still managed to come in fourth with 4.8m interactions, reflecting its all round importance as a key influencer label at the moment. Meanwhile, number five label Ralph Lauren had 3.6m.

But MIV isn’t only about social media mentions. In fact, Launchmetrics placed Marc Jacobs in second position on the MIV front with its posts adding up to a value of $5.3m, which shunted Tommy Hilfiger down to number three on $3.6m. Balmain was next on $3.4m, followed by Gucci on $3.2m and Ralph Lauren on $2.6m.

When it comes to individual posts, Kim Kardashian appeared in two of the top five (as far as engagement was concerned) Met Gala-linked Instagram posts. Other big names boosting Versace included Gigi Hadid, who was number three on the engagement list for a single post. 

Rhianna also scored highly and boosted interactions for Maison Margiela, which was at number seven on the back of her high-profile ecclesiastically-inspired look. With Rhianna being the most talked about celebrity, she generated an MIV of $8.8m, beating other top scorers Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Madonna, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande, with their MIV ranging between $5.6m and $2.2m.

Overall Launchmetrics said there were almost 391,000 social posts, with an MIV close to $130m, plus 5,307 online media posts adding up to a value of $13.7m.

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