Meet your Future Consumer: The Settlers

Fewer work hours + more time at home = better workforce productivity and more consumer spending. It’s positive all round – for people, the planet and profits.


Introducing your Future Consumer

‘Workism’ – the religion of work – hit critical mass in 2019. People are working much more than the standard nine-to-five, and the five-day workweek has lost its dominance. Global teams, flexi-time and heightened levels of service (same day shipping, 24-hour delivery) have meant the tasks that were once done at the same time by many members of society, such as watching the news, picking up the paper or commuting to work, are no longer kept to a community schedule. This desynchronisation plays a role in the breakdown of communities due to the lack of consistent human interaction. These small tasks that were once reliable, scheduled community moments are disappearing at accelerated rates, and with the loss of these daily interactions, communities are fracturing.


Consumers are reacting to this desynchronisation by opposing it. Meet The Settlers, who are working to redefine the global hustle hard-work cycle by investing time in their communities and really planting roots to ignite a new era of localism in the process.


The Settlers

In a generation where ‘hustle hard’ culture and ‘workism’ have led to mass burnout, The Settlers, mainly comprised of Millennials and Gen X, are desperate to reinstate their work-life balance. It’s not just tough on individuals, intense and prolonged periods of overworking are bad for business; studies show* burnt-out employees have a 37% high absentee rate and are 18% less productive. Fully understanding the importance of an engaged work force, businesses are carving out new initiatives to help their employees fully disconnect, optimising their productivity while working and increasing the amount of time people can spend at home.


The implementation of these clearer work-life boundaries results in a new circular economy, driven by localism. Keen to see the impact their spending has on their local community, peer-to-peer commerce is popular in this group. Brands can appeal to The Settlers by aligning with social commerce platforms in the form of charity collaborations or limited product drops. 


Meet The New Optimists and The Stabilisers, the other cohorts in our latest white paper, Future Consumer 2022.

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