Meet the Team: Amiyra Perkins

From beauty brands to the food and drink industry, our consultancy team help you create hyper-targeted products and services specific for your business to enable you to create the future you want to see. 

Our WGSN Mindset team are insight experts and world travellers, sitting in teams across four regions. We caught up with our Director of Mindset in North America, Amiyra Perkins.

Meet the Mindset team: Amiyra Perkins

How long have you been working at WGSN?

Collectively, nearly four years with a little break in between!

Before that, what were you up to?

Before WGSN and in between, I was working for global fashion retailers.

Our Mindset team has sat on the other side of the table more often than not. Where in North America are you based?

I’m based in sunny Los Angeles and yes, it’s pretty much always perfect weather.

Whereas here in London, it’s sadly the opposite. Are there any of your personal interests that cross over into your day to day?

Absolutely! My partner is an architect and I have a design background, so being able to obsessively track the newest trends and projects from around the globe is our nightly ritual and definitely seeps into my day to day.

What’s a future movement you’re really looking forward to seeing within the industry?

It’s a personal one, but since I’m heading up our internal Diversity & Inclusion committee, the rise of companies paying attention to how to create inclusive environments for their employees and their customers is a step in the right direction. This momentum will surely lead to more interesting perspectives and creativity from all ages and people.

Are there other projects you love working on?

Without a doubt, our Mindset partnership with Adobe Stock. It’s been an incredible meeting of the minds where we’re able to collaborate and explore the largest macro influences and how they’ll translate into visuals for the creative industry. It continues to inspire me every single day.

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