Meet the Mindset team: Chloé Jerrard

Our WGSN Mindset team are specialists in product and retails trends, offering a bespoke consultancy service from the world’s most trusted trend forecasters.

Meet the Mindset team: Chloé Jerrard

From fashion and beauty to food and drink, our experts have often sat on your side of the table, understanding your business from the inside to deliver actionable trend recommendations at the right time for you.
Chloe Jerrard, our Senior Mindset Consultant in Europe and the Middle East, has worked with the WGSN team, sitting in the London office, since 2017. We caught up with her to get to know a little more about her day to day, and what she’s looking forward to beyond 2020.

 You’ve worked with WGSN a little over three years, has your role changed much in that time?

Yes definitely, originally I came from a creative agency background and I was looking to specialise in research for design so I ended up finding the perfect synergy between consulting, research and design within Mindset. WGSN has also gone under many transformations which has re-shaped my role since I started, one of which is we have a set of data tools that enhance our forecasting accuracy and ability to get closer to consumers. Another big change is just how much more our projects and clients are centred on Sustainability. I have noticed a real shift in recent years of clients placing it at the forefront of their goals and briefs, which is when we are really able to dig into what that means for their brand, systems and products.

How do you think this shift to be more sustainable will impact brand and business models?

The innovations that really excite me are the ones that put society’s sustainability goals into practice at a mass scale – we’ve seen the fashion industry really lead this path with the boom of resale for example, and it’s great to see examples like IKEA as a clear indicator of this moving into other sectors. So what we’re seeing now is how this momentum is capturing all types of designers across all sectors to adopt this whole-system thinking approach to material choices and responsible sourcing from the outset. Having a specialism in CMF (Colour Material Finish) I’m really intrigued about what this means for advanced materials that self repair, are more durable and how much more important the material choice is to be able to design products that have their life cycle considered as part of that process.

For established brands or product ranges, how do you think brands can adapt for increased relevance in the future?

Brands are going to have to revisit their existing product lines and look at how to improve the experiences surrounding their flagship items to ensure those products remain relevant in the future. Whether that’s about reinventing a classic with more circularity, which is a big trend in interiors at the moment, or whether it’s about designing the context of the product. Samsung recently launched a set of paints called “Living Colour” to help provide more interior curation around their Sero TV. I am always intrigued at the idea that brands are able to provide more guidance to design through colour – Vitra has always done this really well as a brand in their colour approach so it’s great to see other brands taking this on to provide that ease of elevated styling and curation.

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