Meet our videographer, Marvic Paulo #insidewgsn

On the eve of our latest #WGSNhangout , we speak to a member of the team who is key to making it happen. Meet Marvic Paulo, WGSN’s Director of Video Production. Whether it’s directing a Google Hangout, shooting backstage during fashion week or recording while riding a bike to capture a youth team member, Marvic is on hand to realise our – sometimes farfetched – ideas.

In this #insidewgsn interview, he tells us why video is so intrinsic to the fashion industry and what you can expect from us forthcoming.

What kind of content are you working on this season?
It’s incredibly exciting to be part of such a constantly evolving medium. This is my 10th season of Fashion Week coverage and video and multimedia is playing a growing role season on season. For a long time backstage and behind-the-scenes was the dominant area of video coverage, but now with social media being a key tool for engagement, we’re using video to connect with our audience throughout Fashion Weeks, offering a steady flow of real-time multimedia during the international month-long journey.

This season we’re working closely with the Marketing and Social Media teams to produce media ahead of events too. We started a video contest called #trendingbyWGSN where our trend experts give insight on what it takes to be a trend forecaster. It was an opportunity to create something a little lighthearted for the business, whilst still increasing social media engagement and I really love how it’s come together.

This season you’ll also see a beauty recap video at the end of each Fashion Week where our Beauty Editor Theresa Yee highlights key trends and products from each city, to offer critical analysis backed up with backstage and catwalk footage to illustrate the analysis.

What is your favourite event to film and why?
Filming backstage is always fun because it’s a frenzy of activity. It’s amazing to watch the stylists work, transforming models’ looks from one show to the next. They’re rushing in to have their hair, make-up and nails done – often all at the same time. Regardless of what many think, models work incredibly hard during Fashion Week. There are so many moving parts involved in making a catwalk show happen, and all this action and energy is really fun to capture.

How is video being used across WGSN?
At the moment we’re experimenting with new ways to tell stories through video. We’ve done a series of video profiles on designers, brands and creative influencers.

Our goal at WGSN is to produce content that’s not only information dense, but also engaging and immersive. Video and multimedia will play a big role in this because it’s an inherently immersive way to communicate and consume information. It allows viewers to experience the sights and sounds of the subjects we’re reporting on and evokes a sense of energy. We want to build connections between our expert editors and their audience.

Why is video such a key medium for viewing fashion content?
Fashion and video share a lot of expressive qualities – both are highly visual mediums that communicate mood, ideas and stories. Video has a unique ability to capture a feeling and communicate it in a way that feels authentic and accurate, and with fashion, it’s all about relaying and amplifying that intended feeling.

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