Meet Bex Walker the super cool female entrepreneur who is making the breakfast of your dreams

At WGSN we love finding new talent and entrepreneurs, one who we stumbled across on Instagram recently is Bex Walker who just set up her homemade style breakfast posts that she promotes via Instagram (note: this is not some pretentious Insta, this is real, and between the stunning breakfast pots, there’s also sweaty running pics and her talking about juggling being a parent, making these pots, and working around the clock).



Impressed by the inspirational food pics and the #realtalk on Insta, WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors Associate Editor Poonam Dhuffer caught up with Bex to see how she started #BEXFAST and what the future holds.

What encouraged you to start #BEXFAST?
When my daughter was about nine-months-old I made the decision to get fit for the first time ever, so I started running. I lost some initial weight but realised I needed to sort out my eating. I picked up a real sweet tooth while I was pregnant and needed to find a way to satisfy it without eating junk. After researching ‘clean eating’ and believing in the value of un-processed food, I started making really basic versions of my pots and they slowly evolved into what they are now.

How important is social media in pushing your brand forward?
I have grown my whole business through my Instagram from the very first pot I made at home in my pj’s to the very first sale at my friend’s fitness bootcamp classes and the whole journey along the way.

‘Without the use of social media it would still just be me at home making them for just my family so I guess it’s everything!

What does the future hold for #BEXFAST?
I have so many things I want to do with #Bexfast as a product and a brand.  I’m about to start to trial the pots at a third shop, in Camden. A lot of people have asked for an Ebook so that is a possibility and also some ‘Make your own #Bexfast’ workshops. Ultimately I want to help change the way people view healthy eating and the word ‘vegan’ and get everyone eating really delicious good food!


What’s your favourite #BEXFAST toppings?
Natural peanut butter is my favourite but also cacao nibs, banana, berries and seeds of any kind!

What music do you like running to and dancing to in the kitchen when making your pots?
I can run to pretty much anything as I really use that time to sort my head out, I don’t want to think too much so I just throw on Beats One and run to whatever is playing. When I’m making the #Bexfast pots it’s usually quite late at night after a long day of working and doing the mum stuff so I tend to go quite upbeat and can range through anything Kendrick Lamar, anything trap, classic ballads, Jhene Aiko, Destiny’s Child, grime and chilled house haha.


How do you balance it all?
I just don’t stop! I have somewhere to be or something to do at every time of the day/night even if I’m at home supposedly finished for the day. There are always labels to write, plans, pots and deliveries to make, a family to take care of and a workout routine I have to stick to otherwise I get ill as I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and regularly training and eating well helps to keep it at bay. I suppose what really keeps me going is that everything I do I am extremely passionate about so it never feels like a chore. And I have very understanding friends who don’t make a big deal out of me never being around haha!

How do you like unwinding/ chilling out?
Going for a run! I get so few chances to run now that it really feels like I’m treating myself when I have a space to go and hit the roads.


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