Media: PSFK Conference highlights

Last Friday, PSFK held its fifth annual conference in New York. The “celebration of ideas” brought together several hundred people from fashion, technology, advertising, design, architecture and marketing to hear a diverse array of speakers discuss macro trends and innovation. The website’s gatherings feature creative professionals behind the inspiration curated each day by the PSFK editorial team, giving attendees the opportunity to hear the stories and experiences of these progressive minds.

Some of the ideas that caught the attention of our editors who attended:

– The “anti-commercial” is quickly replacing the traditional advertisement. This grassroots attempt at marketing makes the consumer part of the story, and the new medium coincides with the subtle approach favored by the “YouTube generation.”
– For modern marketing, transparency is key. Consumers are not comfortable with big brand participation and instead prefer a smaller, niche approach (or at least larger companies who make themselves appear smaller and niche).
– We are currently transitioning into a new “Hybrid Age” after leaving behind the Information Age. Three signs:
A) Technology proliferation
B) Technology intelligence (social relationships with machines)
C) Constant innovation
– Automated curation is increasingly important for the multitude of information that comes at us each day. In fact, “curation over creation” is being taught at most large companies.
– Our world’s urban footprint will double in 19 years, with most of the growth coming from new mega-tropolis’ in China.
– Most industry leaders agree that privacy will be a sellable commodity soon. Instead of “opting in,” we will have to pay a premium to opt out.
– Consumers increasingly look for recommendations over reviews when it comes to city guides, shopping maps, etc. We don’t have time to do the research ourselves, and therefore look to experts to tell us where to go and what to do.
– The future of work is play, a word no longer considered negative with regards to the workplace.
– Anything can become a “game” in the human mind if:
A) the activity can be learned
B) the player can be measured
C) feedback can be delivered in a timely fashion
– Companies large and small are spending a lot of resources trying to renovate the workplace to target Generation Y.
– As heritage has become a key buzzword, it has been decided that there’s no longer “old” and “new”; just “good and bad, real and fake. Authenticity is key.
– “Brand” is a word that’s used to talk about people we don’t yet know.
– There’s a move towards downsized ownership, both professionally and personally. People are wanting to live as simply as possible as gadgets multitask.
– The term “green” is frowned upon now. It’s mostly about being a socially-responsible company and thinking about the world as a smaller place.
D.I.Y. culture is becoming one of the most influential ideas in business. It’s a direct reaction to the Great Recession, and also due to consumers becoming so far removed from how products are made.

*In the coming weeks, we will focus on specific speakers and ideas from the PSFK conference and what it means to your future.

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