Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Hey – how’s it going? If you’ve ever been to the Coachella festival you know that you would have to be crazy or drunk – or both – to consider camping out in the desert heat. The venue itself – The Empire Polo Club – is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Most people get hotel rooms in nearby towns…and then hit a party or two before heading to the festival in the late afternoon and evening. Coachella weekend actually seems more like Winter Music Conference or Art Basel Miami Beach (where the off-site stuff is talked about just as much as the “official” stuff), rather than a typical music festival. There were great parties sponsored by Levis, T-Mobile, Jeremy Scott/Adidas and several others – with most of the crowd being made up of people from L.A. and New York. If you ask me, the kids from Anthem magazine always throw the best Coachella party. This year was all about the Anthem Ranch – a massive ranch house in Indio with a lake and swimming pool, free BBQ, DJ sets from Aeroplane and Cage & Aviary, a super cute crowd…and groves of lemon trees. Rather than describing how much fun this was, I’ll just say that it was the only time I’ve ever seen the fire department called…to an outdoor party. xx eddie

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  • Jules

    Oh i’m loving that white summer outfit on the third pic..;D

  • mer

    omgg summer,
    cant beleave it, im kind of freazzing here in the south

  • I know! That’s what these photos are about – inspiration for summer fun and summer outfits! Summer summer summer…can’t wait. 🙂

  • Love the photos! And the sky is so blue, it makes for the perfect backdrop…

  • sabrina

    I love the girl in the green dress! did you take any pictures of the actual festival?

  • I adore the white, wide leg jumper… so chic! and different from all the others. I also LOVE the man with the Rosary tat. Looks like a fun time.

  • P.S. I also love the girl with the jean vest over her bikini with the flower wreath in her hair…

  • Wow, that black and white print seems quite popular! Your Coachella photos are really making me think what I would wear to the desert…nothing pops up other than a tank top and shorts!

    Gosh, I know how hot it gets around Palm Desert! The only times I’ve stayed overnight around there were in air-conditioned hotel rooms! I would like to try camping out at Coachella one day, though, even though I don’t drink…and I don’t think I’m crazy.

    Eddie, I loooove your pictures. The shallow depth of field is so beautiful…your subjects stand out even more. You have such great work. 🙂

  • there are only perfect women and men in caochella? No big, tall, little or thin people like everywhere in my world? Your blog is cool but people on picture are too “perfect” sometimes. Show us all the world

  • I love the first outfit.;D

  • wow look at the clock bag(?) on one of the girls in the second pic in the middle, so cool!

  • cristina

    wow, thinspiration much? Beautiful women everywhere!

  • Loving the different sunglass styles. xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    was zebra print a theme? lol

  • Wow these pictures are all so happy and bright! I’m so jealous of all these people in their swimsuits and shorts, i wish summer would hurry up and get here! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Ohhh my god! Im in love with all of them!!
    thank you so much for sharing
    (and nice to see audrina 🙂 )

  • how fun and WARM! i love the blue romper and high-waisted denim! great shots.

  • Eddie: Thanks for the sweet review! You’re always welcome at our parties. Don’t hesitate to stay in touch. Again, thanks for the support and beautiful documentation. Take care.

  • I was reading through the comments and this was interesting to me…

    Charles from France: “there are only perfect women and men in caochella? No big, tall, little or thin people like everywhere in my world?”

    I have to admit, I thought the same thing but it didnt seem to bother me because, I also think these photos document how being too thin can be ugly too. I don’t think everyone on this post has a perfect body or is beautiful, and there are a few that are too thin and it looks BAD.

    On the other hand, majority are very beautiful. Like the girl tenth row down next to the girl with the zebra print, she is not too thin (she looks fit) and she is beautiful, one of the best looking I’d say, you can tell she has a natural beauty.
    P.S. Most of the people at Coachella don’t look like this, we were all haggard that day! and like Eddie said in his last post… many had a long winter and weren’t ready for a day in the sun.

  • John

    is that adriana from the hills?

  • John

    Audrina Patridge i mean

  • I don’t think that’s Audrina – but could be. Paris was there chilling. There were loads of young L.A. and NYC celebs all over Coachella.

  • OK – apparently that is Audrina in fact. Ha – I didn’t even realize! She was just walking around by herself when I saw her. She was nice.

  • haha audrina with the half boob

  • Mel

    I had so much fun looking at these pictures! Everyone looked great.

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  • Hey Sabrina – yes, I took lots of photos at the actual festival – you’ll be seeing those posted here as well! 🙂

    Hey Lucy – thank you so much for your comments – I’m so happy you like my photos! xxx

    Cristina + Lilly – I’m so excited for summer – you have no idea. These photos are all about summer fun and inspiration (or thinspiration – hee hee)! I mean if the scene at this party doesn’t get you excited for summer then you must not have a pulse…

  • kisha

    Regarding the comments above “only perfect women and men at Coachella” I RSVPed for this Anthem Magazine party and waited in line forever only to have someone come out and pull hot women from the line that arrived after me and let them into the party. It wasn’t all of Coachella just this party with only perfect people. Most normal people weren’t allowed in. It was so L.A. douche.

  • oohhhh!! really funny, great and refreshing pictures!! they make me smile 🙂

  • I love summer!
    I like your photos!
    They’re cute! Really!

  • nance

    Luv the pix! They also get me hot for summer 2!
    but Audrina? I heard also Paris Hilton? Does anyone else think Anthem Magazine has jumped the shark?

  • jen

    Killer photos. Palm Desert is gorgeous. Love Ruby(Aldridge) photos and the couple with matching shoes-girl in the black knit dress(6th row-first pix).

    Thank you!

  • Love all the summer looks! I think your blog has the best. I needed some inspiration for hot weather looks, and I remembered your blog had a whole bunch (great ones at that).

  • jj

    KE$HA! <3

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