Mani Monday: Going Dotty
By Emma Grace Bailey

A manicure that requires you to wear polka dots? WGSN Beauty Assistant Emma Grace Bailey steps into the breach once again (and is pleasantly surprised by the outcome)

Aug 10, 2015


I would never call myself a girly girl. I’m not a fan of pink, I don’t really wear dresses and I’ve never sported polka dots in my life. They’re sort of my worst nightmare. So you can imagine my reaction when confronted with this week’s mani-madness…

What: A base of Cheeky’s brilliant Flamin-go pink with Rimmel’s Go Wild-er-ness lavender dotted around on top. My trick – use a super sharp pencil to create precise, even dot-age.

Why: We should all be a little bit girly once in a while right? Right?!

Cons: I’m not sure how serious a person can really be about this mani…but then again there’s a lot to be said for not being serious too. Particularly on Mondays.


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Mani Monday: Going Dotty

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