Maison & Objet: Top five products from the show
By Heloisa Righetto

It’s one of those trade shows where you see things you never realised existed – and realise you have to have them right now. The WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors team reports

Sep 07, 2015

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It’s impossible to visit a fair like Maison & Objet and not pick a few favourite objects – things we can’t wait to hit the shelves and snap up for our own homes.  These five products gave the WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors team that must-buy feeling almost instantly…


1. Wall paper tiles by IXXI: customisable and incredibly easy to install, these tiles are a perfect solution for rentals as they don’t damage the wall. Made of a synthetic material, the tiles are UV resistant, waterproof and don’t tear, making them also good for the bathroom. And it gets better: you can use your own images to create unique compositions. Instagram-inspired wall on the living room, anyone?


2. Cutting boards by SÓHA: cutting boards made of solid oak, carved with a chainsaw then boiled in linseed oil to depths of blackness. The final product is gorgeous, but knowing the process and hard work behind each and every one of them just make us want it even more.


3. Table lamp by Normann Copenhagen: a new products by one of our favourite Scandinavian brands. Love the ingenious design which allows you to position the diffuser and direct the light. No mechanisms, no hidden components, just straightforward and user-friendly design.


4. Staybowlizer: this product couldn’t have a more self-explanatory name. Made of silicone, it attaches to the countertop and becomes a base for – you guessed right – bowls, making it easier for cooks to stir a mixture or prepare a salad. Apart from that, it can also be used as a trivet or for double-boiling. Don’t you just love kitchen gadgets you never thought you needed?


5. Window blinds by Bonito: a window blind is not something anyone usually really, really wants – so it was a nice surprise to come across Bonito, a brand showing at Maison & Objet Paris for the first time. Its range of blinds is different from everything else: delicate design perfectly combining function and looks. And, to make it better, they are all cordless, eliminating a safety hazard that can cause accidents.

The full Maison & Objet coverage will be live on WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors this week – the best, the beautiful, the new. Stay tuned!

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Maison & Objet: Top five products from the show

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